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Universal Love

An inspirational love poem – by Maria Hennings Hunt

Maria Hennings Hunt wrote Universal Love in 1998.

It was first published in December 2015, on this webpage.

While it is most obviously a love poem, it can mean different things to different people.

The poem has wider and deeper interpretations than the love of one person for another.

It is about love and feeling loved and being cared for - by a person or by something greater.

Take from the poem whatever you want or need.

Perhaps give it to someone you love.

And/or you might know somebody else who would find it helpful.

Please use this wonderful poem freely. Share it.

If you do so please reference the author and source.

Universal Love – background

Maria first wrote Universal Love as a romantic love poem, from one person to another.

It was originally called The Way of a Warrior, inspired partly by a course of that name run by the organisation in the 1990s, and also by Dan Millman's famous 1980 book - Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

The poem draws on teachings central to the above, which advocate:

  • the realization and adoption of a purposeful life,
  • guided by meaningful events and people,
  • according to authentic personal beliefs and values.

Maria later expanded the poem's original love focus, and revised some of the wording, to embrace these wider universal and spiritual considerations.

"The power of 'The Universe' - if you open yourself to it - shows us the genuinely important things in life... the truth, the way ahead, love, happiness, etc. What began as a poem about one person's love for another - and it can still mean this - now extends to something bigger: to remind us that we are never alone; and that we can trust in the The Universe, or God, or whatever we choose to call it..." (MHH)

Personally this poem touched me at a time of great sorrow and vulnerability, and helped me handle some feelings that I was not sure I could manage at all. Perhaps it will touch you and help you, or comfort or thrill you or somebody you love, in some other way.

It is so much more than a love poem.

I am very rarely sent an extraordinary piece of original unpublished work that warrants its own place on this website.

This beautiful poem is one such example.



Universal Love

When darkness is all you can see, 
I will show you the stars.

When fear makes you tremble, 
I will hold you still.

When the child inside you cries, 
I will dry your tears.

When even your dreams lie to you, 
I will show you truth.

When the questions remain questions, 
I will give you answers.

When there seems no way out, 
I will show you a door.

When another step forward is more than you can take, 
I will carry you.

When you dance your dreams awake, 
I will dance with you.

And throughout this life, 
I will always love you.

(Maria Hennings Hunt, 1998)


Maria Hennings Hunt

Maria Hennings Hunt was born in 1960 in London. Her passion and gifted ability for writing emerged in childhood, and after an early career in sales and publishing, Maria became a professional writer, specialising in travel. She also enjoyed success in other genres; notably short stories, mainly for the women's press. She is now an occasional speaker and teacher in various aspects of writing, and is (2015) Vice Chairman of the highly regarded Swanwick Writers Summer School. A qualified dance teacher and successful choreographer, Maria founded her own London based dance school in 2003 called Dance Generation, which she still runs. She is also a longstanding teacher for Len Goodman (Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing with the Stars) at his studio in Dartford, UK.

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© Universal Love poem, Maria Hennings Hunt, 1998.