BB Enterprise (Organisations) – Monthly Billing

Every person deserves access to self-directed, on-demand training. Helping them to upskill and supercharge their careers. While also closing any skills gaps in the workplace.

Learning platforms are sometimes too expensive for smaller companies to afford. The justification for procurement can be difficult, especially when team capacity is lower. Preventing SMEs from being able to develop their own people. Stifling long-term growth and profitability.

This is why we launched BusinessBalls Enterprise. To even up the playing field. It has the best parts of BusinessBalls, with advanced features for workplace learning.

Enterprise is an affordable alternative to a dedicated learning management system. But it will still feel completely like your own. With our adjustable company branding options and flexible administration.

Licences are available on a per-person basis. Adjustable at any time, up or down, to match changes in your staff. Meaning you only ever pay for what you need. When you need it. Enterprise is flexible and allows you to take complete control. Onboarding is fast and easily scalable.

You can design personalised training programmes for your staff. Choosing from hundreds of different modules available for Premium users of BusinessBalls. From personal development and leadership to emotional intelligence and finance. All from across our entire 'C30' framework. The 30 capabilities all leaders and managers need to be successful. Plus, we also offer an impressive range of different compliance units too. 

You are in control. You choose who accesses what material and how. Target learning to meet your long term business goals. Tailoring content for individuals, teams, full departments, or even entire companies. The possibilities are endless.

Enterprise features all our BusinessBalls Premium content and interactive resources. Plus, our diagnostic tool measures strengths and weaknesses. Always recommending the content that makes a difference.

Need further information about Enterprise? Discover FAQs, subscription features, and much more:

To purchase access, simply enter the number of licenses you require and add them to your basket. Pricing is tiered (in 10s), with discounts available for higher numbers of staff. Do get in touch if you have any questions. 

Exclusive offer: Enterprise purchases in the first 3 months after launch (until 31st June 2024) will receive complimentary access to our experienced support team. Our team will answer your every question and help you embed learning across your organisation. 

All prices listed are the monthly prices, billed up-front. For over 100 licenses, please get in touch for a custom quote.  Minimum term 1 month. You can save with annual billing. 
Price: £10.00
Quantity Discounts:
The cost displayed is the marginal cost for product quantity within that band
Quantity: 1 - 5 £10.00 (Per unit)
Quantity: 6 - 10 £9.00 (Per unit)
Quantity: 11 - 30 £8.00 (Per unit)
Quantity: 31 - 50 £6.00 (Per unit)
Quantity: 51 - 100 £3.50 (Per unit)
Quantity: 101 - 250 £2.00 (Per unit)
Quantity: 251 - 500 £1.20 (Per unit)
Quantity: 501 - ∞ £1.20 (Per unit)
Total: £10.00 per month
Total Users :
/ 500