Learning and Behaviour Styles

This section will cover both learning and behaviour styles.

Learning Styles refers to the way each of us takes in information. That section will explore some of the various models and theories regarding Learning Styles, ways of assessing our own and that of our peers, and also ways of tailoring learning and development to align with these particular styles.

Behaviour Styles will cover the ways in which each of us behaves and interacts with others – in particular, how we behave in the context of the workplace. We will discuss the impact of our behaviours and how we can tailor them for the most effective results. 

Learning styles and theory explores how we learn and take information in.


Understanding your own specific learning style allows you to apply yourself far more efficiently to your study. There are various theories and models of learning that attempt to explain our learning styles and the most impactful ways for learners favouring said style to uptake information. This workbook will outline a few of the most important and commonly-used models (note that this is not an exhaustive list).

Covers styles of behaviour and how we behave at work.

The behaviour of managers and leaders can have a profound impact on the performance and effectiveness of team members.