• Project Management

    This course will provide learners with all the skills, knowledge and techniques required to set up, manage and review a project. This will range from outlining and analysing the life-cycle of a project - including acquiring sponsorship - to project governance, and the early stages of project development. Later sections will outline the management stages of a project, including skills, techniques and resources; the risks associated with projects and project management; and finally, the process by which one can review the success of a project will be outlined.

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    Project Management Skills and Techniques

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    Resource: Project Management Templates

      • Lifecycle and Roles - (1)

        This section aims to educate the user on the entire life cycle of a project, from conception, to sponsorship, all the way to completion,


          Project Sponsorship

      • Managing a Project - (3)

        This section's aim is to educate you in the skills and techniques required to oversee and manage a project successfully. 


          Project Management Skills and Techniques


          Resource: Project Management Tips


          Project Management Templates