About BusinessBalls

BusinessBalls.com is a free ethical learning and development resource. The website provides leadership and management training for individuals and organisations. 

BusinessBalls supports aspiring managers and leaders from all around the world. 

Founded in 1999, BusinessBalls had been one of the internet’s leading hubs of personal and professional development resources for nearly two decades by the time we entered into a new partnership with Accipio in early 2017. 

Accipio are an award-winning London-based agency, delivering digital learning to some of the world’s biggest brands. They also provide blended CMI leadership development programmes, specialist webinars, and apprenticeships

Accipio has since revolutionised the look and feel of BusinessBalls, providing innovative new features and functionality to improve the learning experience for everybody.

The website now receives up to a million visitors a month. It is an ethical, practical, innovative, and compassionate resource. BusinessBalls provides free learning and development materials to people in hundreds of countries and territories around the world. 

The Accipio C30 underpins the BusinessBalls website and leadership training model. The 30 capabilities all leaders and managers need. Supported by a stunning catalogue of over 370 ready-made interactive courses. All complemented by tools, templates, videos and more. These are further aligned with in-depth, trainer-led workshops, providing a deep-dive into certain areas of the C30. 

More recently, BusinessBalls has also evolved to offer a further tier of C30 content. Going above and beyond the catalogue of content developed during the 2000s. These include BusinessBalls Premium and BusinessBalls Enterprise. Monthly and exclusive subscription offerings for individuals and organisations respectively. Alongside many more thought leader insights, webinars, and compliance content. All helping to create the well-rounded leader and perfect L&D department. 

BB Premium 

Premium provides completely unlimited access to all BusinessBalls courses. Ad free. Plus, subscribers unlock exclusive interactive content.

Subscribers can also earn certifications to future-proof their careers. Boosting their CV. Helping them reach the top. Innovative diagnostic tools measure learning strengths and weaknesses. Recommending the content that matters. Subscribers can even access a personalised learning plan. Keeping them on the pathway to success.  

BB Enterprise

Enterprise is the affordable alternative to a dedicated learning management system.

Smaller companies can buy licences on a per-person basis. Only ever paying for what they need. When they need it. 

Enterprise is flexible and allows organisations to take complete control. On-boarding is fast and scalable. You can dial your licence numbers up or down, at any time, to reflect your ever-evolving organisation.

Companies can design personalised training programmes for their staff. Choosing who accesses what material and how.  From individuals through to full departments. Monitoring and celebrating progress. Enterprise also contains all the of the BusinessBalls and C30 premium content. Plus, many other interactive resources.

Perfect for nurturing talent and helping them to develop their careers.

Support us

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