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      • Different Organisational Cultures - (3)

        This section will outline the various organisational cultures which are apparent in workplaces and businesses across the world.

      • Factors that affect Organisational Culture - (8)

        This section will outline all the factors which affect organisational culture, including corporate governance and ethical considerations.

      • Effects on Individuals and Teams - (1)

        This section will outline the effects of the various organisational cultures on individuals and teams within a workplace.
      • Organisational Culture and Change - (4)

        This section will focus on the impact of organisational culture on change within a business or workplace.


          Exploring Adizes Ten Stages of the Corporate Life Cycle Model.

          Dr Ichak Adizes is a renowned business guru and theorist, and founder of the Adizes Institute, now the home of the Adizes organisational development methodology and its related services. 


          Gung Ho!® is a relatively recent licensed methodology for developing and improving organizational culture and performance


          The concept of Shamrock Organisations was outlined by Irish academic Charles Handy in his 1989 book The Age of Unreason to describe the three major component workforces of any organisation (the leaves of the Shamrock). These are: core workers, contract workers and peripheral workers, and all must interconnect seamlessly to create an efficient and productive organisation. This organisational culture model can be used to map the structure of a company, and can act as an aid in planning intra-company change and development.


          John Atkinson's Flexible-Firm Model (1984) is a managerial and organisational technique used to optimise the allocation of human resources in accordance with market instability and workforce flexibility. It defines two clear groups of workers, the core and peripheral group, which are organised within the company based on three types of flexibility: functional, financial and numerical

      • Leadership Styles and Organisational Culture - (2)

        This section will outline the relationship between the various leadership styles and associated organisational cultures.
      • Employee Engagement - (3)

        This section will focus on the impact of different organisational cultures on employee engagement and motivation.


          An overview of employee engagement. Using techniques such as the seven pillars of engagement to encourage high levels of team engagement through positive attitudes and work ethic.


           Behavioural researcher and author Dan Pink discusses various tactics leaders may employ to motivate and drive engagement from their staff, subsequently fuelling development and performance within the team.


          Leadership author and executive coach Marshall Goldsmith discusses the qualities required to galvanise a team and drive results. He outlines this in the form of six intrinsic questions one must ask to fuel employee engagement. 

      • End of Course Quiz - (1)

        This section contains the end of course quiz - a chance to review the knowledge you have gained from this course.