In this section we are going to explore emotional intelligence, often shortened to EI or EQ (emotional quotient). We will cover what is meant by emotional intelligence, the theories that support emotional intelligence and its application to raising self-awareness.

What are Emotional and Social Intelligence?
Available from 1 April 2022

  1. What is emotional and social intelligence?
  2. How does ESI affect us at work?


  1. Mayer et al.
  2. Goleman
  3. Bar-On
  4. ESI and leadership skills
  5. Summary
  6. Further reading

Goleman's theory identifies four components:

  • Social awareness – the ability to have empathy and understand other people’s emotions and feelings. This section is explored below. 
  • Self-awareness – the conscious knowledge of our character, beliefs, emotions, qualities and desires. Click here to find out more. 
  • Self-management and motivation – the ability to stay calm under pressure and stay motivated to achieve goals. Click here to find out more. 
  • Relationship skills – the ability to influence, negotiate, communicate, build rapport and develop networks. Click here to find out more.