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quizballs 234 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Blair Athol, Dalwhinnie, Knockando, Glenmorangie and Tamdhu are types of what?
  2. 'Motion Pictures Experts Group Format I (or II), Audio Layer III' is better known as what three-characters?
  3. Norovirus causes illness in humans described by what body part: Stomach; Eye; Foot; or Ear?
  4. Name the famous French anti-ship missile, produced 1967 to date (2012), meaning 'flying fish'?
  5. Limelight, Hacienda, Studio 54, and Berghain were/are famous brands of what?
  6. William the Conqueror (William I of England, 1027/8-87, reigned 1066-87) was also known unflatteringly as 'William the (What)': Dwarf; Hunchback; Bald; or Bastard?
  7. Name the well-connected ex-Facebook executive criticized widely in Dec 2012 for a sustained rant at other users when a 'private' family photo she had posted and 'tagged' went viral?
  8. The Italian food/word bruschetta refers originally and specifically to which of its characteristics: Bread; Toasted; Tomatoes; or Basil?
  9. What cosmetic treatment was reported in 2012 to be of rapidly increasing popularity among male visitors to Istanbul in Turkey: Spray tanning; Hair extensions; Facial hair removal; or Facial hair transplants?
  10. The stable building/terminology 'loose box' refers to what being 'loose': Its usage; Its ownership; Its location; or The horse inside it?
  11. Wayne LaPierre is known for his 20-plus-years' controversial leadership of what organization: Greenpeace; NRA; RSPCA; or Fox News?
  12. Aleph, Beth, Gimel, Daleth are A B C D in which language?
  13. Typically used in law, the Latin term 'Ipso Facto' means: By the fact itself; The fact remains; A matter of fact; or The facts of life?
  14. What is the main activity in the traditional 'Post-Office' party game?
  15. The (now largely obsolete) proofreading mark of a horizontal line above and below a passage of text gives instruction to correct: Spelling; Grammar; Horizontal alignment; or Spacing?
  16. What two phone/computer keyboard symbols originally produced the 'fingers crossed' emoticon in texting/emailing/chatrooms/etc?
  17. The US governmental budget crisis at the end of 2012 was referred to as the 'Fiscal (what geological term?)': Rift; Cliff; Fault; or Spur?
  18. Spell the word: Impenetrable; Inpenetrable; Inpenatrable; Impenatrable?
  19. What iconic historically semi-military people, recognized by Russia in 2010 as an ethinicity, are named after the old Cuman/Turkic word meaning 'free man'?
  20. The virtual educational acronym/concept MOOC stands for 'Massive Open... (what two words)'?


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