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games, puzzles, magic tricks..

puzzles, games, toys, magic for fun and play in work and learning

Ideas for games, toys, gadgets and puzzles for bringing fun and play to team building and other aspects of work and education.

See the team building games guidelines for using games with groups.

And the team building games for ideas to use alongside these toys and games below.

The games links are to Amazon.co.uk, and commission goes towards running and developing the website, thank you.



games, puzzles, gadgets and toys



Very active and noisy trading card game for three to eight players or teams. Brilliant for icebreakers and team games. Replicates many business behaviours, for example negotiation, enthusiasm, determination.

newton's cradle

A classic demonstration of the 'equal and opposite' Newtonian Law of Motion, extending to the fundamental principle of cause and effect.



The aim of this game is to balance 24 different types of chairs in a tower, and there's lots of ways to do it. A fun game for adults and children.

the logo board game

Board game with 400 and cards and 1600 questions based on logos, products and packaging of the UK's best known brands.


lego basic bricks

Bix box of 650 pieces in nine different colours. Classic building blocks for training, teaching and development activities.

lego brick box

Sturdy storage box containing 221 pieces of Lego, with Idea Book. Smaller box of bits.


meccano set 2 'mechanical'

120 Meccano bits and pieces, including pinions, cranks, mechanisms, gears. Sturdy case and instruction booklet. Great for team building activities.

meccano design starter - excavator

Classic Meccano design construction set. Tools and instructions included.


meccano multi models set

Big set of 605 parts, to build 30 large models, including helicopter, sidecar and climbing man. Comes with 6v electric motor, detailed instructions and tools. Batteries not included.

building bricks

150 brightly coloured Mookie building bricks with storage bag.


meccano construction bucket

Storage bucket containing 150 plastic Meccano parts to build up to 15 different models.

pin the tail on the donkey

Contains an inflatable donkey which hangs up with string, eight vinyl self-stick tails, blindfold and instructions.


polydron giant 266 piece construction set

Build 2 and 3 dimensional nets, prisms, cubiods and pyramids. Made by Polydron, a British Design Council Award winner.

giant floor puzzle - 60 pieces - animals of the world

Made from recycled board, linen-finished for glare free image. Size 70cm x 50 cm.


magic coins tricks

Precision made brass components for clever magic tricks with coins. With instructions.

cups and balls magic tricks

Three balls and three cups, and instructions for magic tricks.


wizard cards tricks

Trick playing cards and instructions for over a hundred magic card tricks.

magic melting coins

Magic melting coins trick.


multiplying sponge balls

Traditional magic trick with four red sponge balls.


the worst case scenario

Survival board game based on the best-selling book which challenges players to use their survival instincts get through all stages of life.

dinner party challenge

Game of fun and challenges played during a dinner party. Ideal for breaking the ice between people who have never met before, or for playing with friends and family.


pass the bomb

Previous winner of The Daily Telegraph Game of the Year Award. Educational word game played against a ticking bomb, in which players have to find a word which includes all the letters printed on the card.


A game to test your memory as you add to the lists created by the other players. Can be played with or without the CD.



Listed in the UK Official Top Ten Adult Games Chart since it was launched in 1992. A fast talking word description game which is ideal for group games and dinner parties.

saucy charades

Adult mime game with lots of innuendo. Ideal for parties.



Word bluffing board game with obscure words which the other players have to guess the meaning of.


Word game in which players take turns to draw a card and describe the phrase or word on the card to their partner without using the other words or phrases on the card.



Hand held gyroscope which you can build its speed by subtly rotating the wrist. Can be used for exercising arms and shoulders.

rubik's cube

The original 3D mechanical puzzle.


rubik's clock

The aim is to set all nine clocks to 12 o'clock on both sides of this puzzle in the shortest time with the fewest moves.

rubik's sudoku

Combines the popular game of sudoku with Rubik's Cube.


spot the intro

Music trivia quiz on CD with nearly 500 famous tunes to try to recognise from short musical clips.


First created in the 1930s, a classic tile game of luck and skill with rules similar to gin rummy.


them & us

A deliberately provocative game that pitches men against women in which each team takes it in turns to shout out responses to stereotypical topics. Only answers matching those on the card score points.

senior moments

Board game designed for people of a certain age but can be played by everyone. The aim is to live through a week of forgetfulness and confusion and cross the finishing line without losing all your marbles.


tic tac toe

The classic game of Noughts and Crosses in a cube.

shove ha'penny board

Traditional pub game complete with with beautifully crafted inlaid wooden board and Georgian ha'penny pieces.



Board game based on the events, fads, fashions and music of the 1960s 70s and 80s.

balsa wood glider

One of three styles supplied, as illustrated. Traditional model kit glider with 30cm wingspan.


tangle original

Great stress toy consisting of 18 curved jointed sections which can be manipulated and twisted into almost limitless contortions.

adult sized space hopper

A blast from the past, this 1970s style space hopper is 33% bigger and 50% bouncier than the original. Comes with fast inflating foot pump.


techno balls

Educational and fun 505 piece motor driven marble run construction with detailed assembly instructions.

pocket shock it

A game for two to four players in which each player takes their position. The last one to hit their control gets a shock.


See the team building games guidelines for using games with groups.

And the team building games for ideas to use alongside these toys and games below.

The games links are to Amazon.co.uk, and commission goes towards running and developing the website, thank you.

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