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Amusing and novel gifts for prizes, awards, etc

Toys and gadgets, novelty items for amusing prizes, awards, gifts, etc.

Chocolate is apparently very good for the soul and spiritual well-being.


office survival kit - for her

Everything a woman needs to survive those everyday emergencies in a handy kit.

office survival kit - for him

This kit contains everything a busy man may need for those small everyday emergencies. Including a plaster for a paper cut and a needle and thread for a loose button.


desktop stress rocket

If you're feeling stressed at work just hit the target to launch the rocket.

cheering basket

Fits onto any bin. The basket cheers when you throw your rubbish through the hoop. Battery operated.


executive marble run

Compact construction kit containing 22 pieces for you to build and 8 ball bearings to run. Hours of fun for the busy executive.

golf in a box

Compact desktop golf set complete with everything you need at the 18th hole, including metal chipper and putter, golf ball, sand and rake.


eco friendly solar powered model helicopter

Easy self-assembly desktop wooden helicopter with its own integrated solar panel which powers the rotor. No glue required.

solar powered grasshopper

Easy to construct with its own solar panel, the grasshopper dances and chirrups when placed in the sunlight. Will also work with a powerful torch.


pin art pinpressions

Iconic gadget which takes 3D impressions of your face, hand, etc., by pressing gently on the pins, leaving the image behind the perspex display panel.

bumper cars

Remote control bumper car game. The winner has to hit all three side panel sensors on his opponents car. When all the sensors have been hit the losing car stops.


master maze

Guide the ball round the 101 hole perspex maze. Very addictive.

usb exercise mouse

Novelty cycling mouse with usb connection that pedals as you type. The faster you type, the faster he pedals.


whack-it usb desktop gadget

Desktop game. Whack the coloured moles as they pop up. Includes 30 second or one minute game mode and LED scoreboard. Powered by USB or battery.

star wars R2D2 usb hub

For all Star Wars fans. Functions as a 4 port USB hub and makes R2D2 sounds. With connecting cable for use in PCs and laptops, allowing 4 extra USB ports for memory sticks or card readers.


time machine

Constantly moving sculpture which accurately tells the time using ball bearings cogs and levers. Comes with a transparent acrylic display case.

backgammon executive attache case

Backgammon game comes in 11" attache case.


chocolate bar calculator

Looks, feels and smells of chocolate. Working solar powered calculator for chocolate lovers. In a foil wrapper like a real chocolate bar.

name a box of chocolates gift box

Choose your own unique personalised selection of hand made chocolates and have it named after you and registered on the 'Chocolate Foundation' database. Box contains 10 luxury chocolates.


thorntons champagne chocolate

A champagne bottle made of milk chocolate.

champagne and chocolates gift box

A full bottle of Moet et Chandon Champagne with a presentation box of finest Belgian chocolates. In a presentation wooden gift box.


booja-booja gourmet organic chocolate truffle selection

Gluten free, wheat free and dairy free vegetarian and vegan assortment of 19 organic dark chocolate truffles. In an attractive round wooden box.

organic and dairy free dark chocolate lovers gift box

A velvet heart-shaped gift box filled with luxury dairy free organic dark chocolate truffles, a transparent heart filled with chocolate buttons and a Little Heart gift box containing five Green And Black's chocolate squares.


winter in venice - peppermint suede box - pamper gift set

Unisex gift box for him or her. Luxury peppermint fragrance bubble bath and shower gel, moisturiser, back scrub, bath sponge and pumice stone. Comes in a smart reusable suede box. Not tested on animals.

funk bubble organic chocolate bubble bath gift set

Contains chocolate bubble bath and shower wash. Ideal gift for chocolate lovers. In a recycled card box.


bomb cosmetics luxury ballotin assortment bath gift set

Luxurious gift set containing six hand made bath products with moisturising cocoa butter and finest perfume oils. Not tested on animals.

burt's bees head to toe starter kit

Special selection of travel sized products, containing shampoo, conditioner, creams, lotions, body wash and lip balm to pamper yourself from head to toe.


mensa puzzle alarm clock

To turn the alarm off you must memorise and repeat a random series of coloured lights. Get it wrong and the alarm starts again - louder than before. Press the 'wimp out' button to stop the alarm, but you get 30 seconds of extra loud alarm for doing so.