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C30 Leadership Skills Assessment: Middle Managers (Master – L5)

This diagnostic tool has been specially designed in line with the BusinessBalls C30 Framework. Based on research and work completed by our partners at Accipio, the C30 consists of the 30 capabilities every manager needs to master in order to be effective in their role or transition to future roles. 

This diagnostic will allow you to assess yourself in line with the C30 competencies. Once you have completed an initial self-assessment, it will also allow you to request responses from your peers. We recommend these to be individuals you have worked closely with, ideally recently, or in the past. Managers, colleagues, line reports, others within the field, etc. They will need to understand how you behave in the workplace in order to successfully complete their evaluation.

After completion, you will receive both a digital and printable report along with recommended resources to target your weak spots. 

Price: £24.99
Total: £24.99