Course overview

When you think about it, sleeping is just many hours of your life wasted, right? You can’t get anything done when you could be catching up on work and those box sets you’ve been putting off. Plus, you’ll wake up with messy hair and in a pool of your own dribble. Really, who needs it? Well, actually we all do. Sleep is absolutely essential to the way your brain and body function. A good night’s sleep can make you healthier, both physically and mentally, and can make you happier, too. This course will explain the benefits of sleep and how you can best get your forty winks.

Learning objectives:

  • Describe some of the key mechanisms of sleep
  • Identify the health risks caused by chronic lack of sleep
  • Implement a better sleep-hygiene regime
  • Consider why you should change your sleeping habits

Why take this course?

Humans, unlike machines, can’t just push a button and go into sleep mode – at one time or another, most of us will suffer from the effects of poor sleep. This course will help you to understand how sleep affects your life – and how lack of sleep damages it. Better sleeping habits can really improve your work life and your personal life – even if you do dribble.

Course resources

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The Importance of Sleep – eLearning
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