Course overview

For some of us, ‘exercise’ means walking to the kitchen to open the fridge. Mmm, leftover pie. But in reality, life without exercise can contribute to decreases in both physical and mental well-being. Exercise looks different for everyone – but for most of us, it can be something that makes us feel better, if we find the right kind. Truth is, we’re just animals – and all animals benefit from exercise of some kind. It’s not always easy to find the time or motivation, and of course we can’t all be marathon runners or mountain climbers; but most of us can find something that works for us. Even small steps can make a difference, and results can be seen in next to no time. Many people find they’re happier, healthier and have more energy, amongst a myriad of other bonuses. Take this course to find out more.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the benefits of exercise for the body and mind
  • Recognise how much, and which types of, exercise can keep you healthy in different ways
  • Devise a plan for simple exercise routines
  • Consider ways to change your mindset towards exercise

Why take this course?

Exercise, and therefore this course, is recommended for just about everyone. Whatever your age, weight, height or level of fitness, having a healthy exercise plan is beneficial – just a small amount of aerobic exercise each week can make a huge improvement to most people’s lives. Whether you start to stretch your body a bit more, join a spin class or hire a personal trainer, taking this course is the first step towards better health.

Course resources

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The Importance of Exercise – eLearning
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