Course overview

‘A business is only as good as its employees.’ You’ve probably heard that quote, or maybe even seen it on a cool Pinterest board. But the quote is true, and it’s essentially why HR management plays such a vital role in organisations. Managers help to ensure that the employee experience runs smoothly and that all staff add value to the business.

Yet, what if you’re not an HR manager but want to apply the same principles to your own organisation? You’d need to start with the basics first. These can be broken down into four key components: planning, recruitment, development, and retention.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the four basic HR functions
  • Explain their importance and how they affect your organisation
  • Effectively implement the four basics

Why take this course?

This short course is ideal for professionals who might be stepping into line management for the first time. Equally, those who are running their own business and building a large team will also benefit from learning about and utilising the HR basics. So, pin this course to your board and let’s get started.

Course resources

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The Fours Basics of HR – eLearning
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