Course overview

You can’t beat a nice work-from-home day. Getting up that little bit later because you don’t have to make the morning commute. Working in your PJs, kicking back on the sofa, with your laptop on your knee, and sticking on a bit of daytime TV for background noise… Bliss.

Doing this occasionally is fine. But, if you’re working from home regularly, you need a more permanent set-up, so you’re not putting your long-term health and well-being at risk, or falling shy of any compliance regulations. You need a home office – or failing that, a safe, office-like space

This course will aim to help you find the most suitable location for your home office and set it up with productivity and ergonomics in mind. Upon completing the course, you’ll be able to:

Learning objectives:

  • Outline everything you will need to carry out your job effectively from home
  • Identify how home-office ergonomics can affect productivity
  • Define ways to ensure your home working stays compliant with regulations
  • Recognise ways to find the most suitable location for your home office

Why take this course?

For anyone who works from home a lot, getting your home office set up correctly is vital for keeping you happy, healthy, and productive. It’ll also help ensure you’re working safely and complying with any regulations you need to. This course will highlight the risks of long-term home working, guide you through setting up a home office that’ll help you avoid the risks, and keep you at the top of your game.

Course resources

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Setting Up Your Home Office – eLearning
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