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I do my best work when I am being strictly micromanaged... said no employee, ever. No one likes to be controlled. It sucks the joy out of work and leaves people feeling powerless and unfulfilled. Telling your employees what to do and how in minute detail might feel like the safest way to get the results you want. But really, all it achieves is a disengaged workforce and an unruly task list on your desk.

This is where the idea of Empowering Others comes in. To empower literally means ‘putting power into’. That’s what you’re doing when you invest the time and energy into empowering the people around you. Fancy increasing innovation, engagement, morale, and performance throughout your workplace? You’re in the right place.


  • Recognise the characteristics of an empowered employee

  • Explain the benefits of empowering others

  • Implement strategies to empower the people you support

Why should I take this course?

Empowering employees matters to every leader, and this course is going to benefit people in leadership
or support roles the most. You’ll gain solid strategies for empowering the people you support – all you
need to start powering up your workforce.

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