Course overview

Let’s face it. Working nights can feel a little strange… even if you’re a caped crusader. Thanks to millions of years of evolution, our bodies are pretty great at waking up in the morning and sleeping at night. This is our default sleeping cycle, and no amount of pay will change the fact that everybody needs sleep. Even the Bat. Breaking that precious day-night cycle can lead to some strange, and even fatal, side effects. By knowing everything you can to avoid the dangers of night work, you’ll stand a better chance of staying healthy, happy, and functional at work.

Learning objectives:

  • Recognise the risks of night working and how to avoid them
  • Identify ways to maintain a healthy sleeping pattern
  • Apply techniques that’ll improve your ability to work at night

Why take this course?

If you work a night shift this course is for you. It’ll help you identify the risks of working at night and show you how to avoid them. You’ll also learn how to get a good day’s sleep and discover techniques that’ll improve your ability to work at night.

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