Course overview

Neurodivergent people learn, think, and relate to the world and people around them in ways that differ from society’s expectations. Each person’s experience of their neurodivergence is unique and, just like anyone else, they have their own traits and strengths. Neurodiversity is part of the natural and wonderful diversity of humans. Its presence in the workplace is a strength.

Most workplaces haven’t been designed with neurodiversity in mind. This means that neurodivergent employees can experience challenges at work that others may not be aware of. This course will help you understand some of those challenges and how workplaces can make adjustments to overcome them. It’ll also help you to see the positive impact that neurodiversity can have within the workplace.

Learning objectives:

  • Define neurodivergence and the importance of clear policies and practices in the workplace to maintain an inclusive working environment
  • Explain how neurodiversity can positively impact an organisation, and how to maximise this
  • Suggest key elements of improvement to the organisation’s practices to continually improve the working environment for everyone

Why take this course?

It’s estimated that around 15% of people are neurodivergent. It’s likely that many of your colleagues are neurodivergent, too. That’s why everyone can benefit from learning more about neurodiversity and how to remove the barriers to inclusion that neurodivergent people sometimes encounter. This course will help.

Course resources

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Creating a Workplace that Embraces Neurodiversity – Takeaway Task
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