Use the Phone for Compassionate Healthcare – Sharon Drew Morgen

NYTimes Business Bestselling author and breakthrough innovator Sharon Drew Morgen offers tips for compassionate care and time-saving questions for healthcare providers replacing face visits with the phone.

Use the phone for compassionate healthcare

Use the Phone for Compassionate Healthcare [edit]

During this unprecedented period of uncertainty and new working practices, optimising your time and use of technology is crucial.

This is particularly important for healthcare practitioners, who must focus on the well-being of themselves, and the hundreds of anxious patients who may require their attention.

These practitioners may, up until now, have relied nearly entirely on face-to-face visits, and adapting to new, virtual working practices may cause initial anxiety for both parties. 

In this short, but informative video, NYTimes Business best-selling author and breakthrough innovator Sharon Drew Morgen offers an informative video specifically for doctors who usually see patients face-to-face but are now relegated to phone only and must use the phone to gather good data.

This short video offers ways to gain rapport, ask the best questions to get good data efficiently, and offer psychological care. She discusses key techniques and approaches to help you create empathy, gather data, and make recommendations while also taking care of a patient’s physical, emotional, and psychological issues.

Sharon Drew Morgen

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