Course overview

We all know a dramatic health and safety enthusiast – it’s the person clutching a clipboard and reminding you for the third time not to overload the power socket. But while you’re rolling your eyes at the thought of their strict regulation, they’re the one keeping everyone safe from injury and preventing fines landing on your desk. Someone has to be responsible when an accident at work has occurred, so there is a reason it is taken so seriously. If not, you are breaking the law. Correctly reporting incidents at work is an essential part of your business.

That’s why iAM Accident Reporting Training is a crucial part of all personnel and workplace compliance training. It will teach you all you need to know about reporting accidents in the workplace, tracking safety progress and improving working conditions for employees.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand why reporting accidents is so important
  • Know when to report an incident
  • Complete an accident book correctly 
  • Know which records to keep
  • Make a RIDDOR report
  • Understand employee and employer responsibilities

Course resources

Complete the eModule to gain your certificate (subscription required). 

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Accident Reporting Training – eLearning
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