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quizballs 363 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. By adding one letter to a word meaning 'compose', what word is produced which means 'squirm'?
  2. Hitsville, in Detroit, is the original recording studio of which famous record label?
  3. What recreational apparatus might be seen as present and past? (The clue is in the question)
  4. Which technology corporation launched major music streaming services including Beats1 radio in 2015?
  5. How many one-centimetre-diameter spherical marbles can fit at most into a cube space one metre high: 10,000; 100,000; 1,000,000; or 1,401,611? (No marbles may extend above the height of the cube)
  6. On which Mediterranean island is the famous nightlife holiday resort of Magaluf?
  7. What are metal rope-fixings on a boat and cyclist's shoes?
  8. The 1974 book Helter Skelter, co-written by lawyer Vincent Bugliosi, recounts whose famous crime: Ronnie Biggs; Charles Manson; Al Capone; Dr Crippen?
  9. Anna Wintour is globally famous in: Women's soccer; Fashion; Base-jumping; or Competitive pie-eating?
  10. The global corporation Merlin, subject of disaster/safety investigations in 2015, operates in the sector of: Aviation; Attractions and theme parks; Magic and clairvoyance; or Ocean cruising?
  11. How many times does the second-hand of an clockwork clock 'tick' (move) while the hour-hand completes one full rotation?
  12. Since the mid 1900s the world's biggest trade fair for toys and games is hosted annual in: Los Angeles; Moscow; Nuremberg; or Tehran?
  13. Fifa's award of World Cup hosting, 2018 and 2022, to which two nations, was subject to criminal investigation in 2015?
  14. What is the correct pattern of Microsoft's four-colour/color square matrix logo introduced 2012, starting top-left, clockwise: Blue Red Yellow Green?
  15. Which nation, international calling code +90, has a currency divided into 100 kuruĊŸ?
  16. All the gold ever mined in global history equates to a cube how high: 20metres; 50metres; 100metres; or 1 kilometre?
  17. The acronum BAME refers to what in matters of discrimination/equal opportunities?
  18. Which king signed the Magna Carta and died in Newark having lost his treasure in the salt marshes of eastern England?
  19. What activity would you find at Philippe Chatrier, Roland Garros: Surfing; Mountaineering; Tennis; or Rocket-launching?
  20. The sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey, 'stolen' before its release in 2015, is titled: Fifty; Shades; Grey; or Fifty-one?


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