Course overview

Lone Worker training is an essential part of all workplace risk management and is vital for those who employ or manage someone who is required to work in isolation from others or without direct supervision. They might be a community nurse making home visits, a globe-trotting truck driver or even home workers. You see, lone workers are exposed to specific risks that their office-based counterparts are less likely to encounter. So, it’s vital they are spotted early, and effective measures put in place.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand common types of lone workers and the industries they work in
  • Identify and assess sources of hazards and risks
  • Complete suitable and sufficient risk assessments
  • Manage, prevent and control the risks
  • Understand lone worker safety devices
  • Setting up a safe system of work
  • Understand Lone worker responsibilities & have knowledge of the key legislation
  • Outline the requirements & records I need to keep

Course resources

Complete the eModule to gain your certificate (subscription required).