Webinar: Imposter Syndrome – 29th March 2023 at 2PM BST

The second of the BB Webinar Series, this 1.5-hour session will focus on imposter syndrome, how it manifests itself, its impacts (particularly on women), and how you can overcome it. 

Imposter syndrome affects the majority of people, at some time, to some degree. It is the manifestation of feelings of inadequacy, inexperience, loss of confidence, low self-esteem and generally not being up to the task or job at hand.

In this workshop, we will examine the origins of imposter syndrome and how it manifests in different people. We will look at the debilitating aspects of imposter syndrome and how it can inhibit careers and promotion prospects, stop very capable people from performing at their best and how it can prevent people from putting themselves forward for challenges.

It is unsurprising that imposter syndrome affects women more often and to a greater extent than it affects men. It contributes to the factors that hold women back in their careers and in taking the positions that they deserve.

So, we will look at tactics to overcome imposter syndrome and banish the demons from your door.

This session will be delivered by Claire Collins, an Emerita Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School. She is now an independent executive coach, speaker, educator and consultant, working with a wide variety of senior clients in the private and public sectors.

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