Catchphrase Quiz - Questions and Answers

What or who first made these catch-phrases famous?

Catchphrase Quiz - Questions

  1. I'll be back
  2. Lovely Jubbly! (or Luvvly Jubbly!)
  3. Correctomundo
  4. Famous for fifteen minutes
  5. And now for something completely different
  6. Whassup (or Wazzup?)
  7. Does my bum look big in this?
  8. Big Brother (is watching you...)
  9. And so to bed
  10. I love it when a plan comes together
  11. Evening All (or Evenin' All)
  12. Show me the money!
  13. You bet your sweet bippy
  14. Be all that you can be
  15. Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better
  16. You're going to like this - not a lot... (but you'll like it)
  17. The world is your lobster
  18. (Its) Naughty... but nice
  19. To infinity, and beyond...
  20. He can run, but he cant hide. (also adapted to You can run, but you can't hide/ They can run but they can't hide)

Catchphrase Quiz - Answers

  1. I'll be back, The Terminator - the 1984 film, as spoken by the Terminator character, played by Arnold Schwarzenneger
  2. Lovely Jubbly! (or Luvvly Jubbly!), Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter - played by David Jason in the 1980's-90's BBC TV comedy show Only Fools and Horses.
  3. Correctomundo, Fonzie/The Fonz/Arthur Fonzarelli - played by Henry Winkler in the 1970's-80's US comedy series Happy Days.
  4. Famous for fifteen minutes, Andy Warhol - US pop artist - he first used it in a 1968 exhibition catalogue. Years later, when tiring of constant reference to the phrase, he coined the ironic amusing variation: "In fifteen minutes, everybody will be famous."
  5. And now for something completely different, Monty Python's Flying Circus - BBC TV comedy show, 1960's-70's, written by Cleese, Palin, Jones, etc. Eric Idle was first to use the phrase as 'the Monty Python announcer' in the show's first episode on 5 October 1969, although John Cleese chiefly delivered the line in later shows.
  6. Whassup (or Wazzup?), Budweiser beer commercials - or the full company name Anheuser-Busch Budweiser - the 'Wassup' Budweiser beer TV commercials campaign was launched around 2000 - the concept was created by Charles Stone and popularized in the Budweiser ads produced by the DDB advertising agency of Chicago
  7. Does my bum look big in this? 'The Insecure Woman' character, played by Arabella Weir, in The Fast Show - created Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson, 1990's.
  8. Big Brother (is watching you...), 1984 - the dark futuristic novel by George Orwell, published in 1949 - the phrase appeared in the description of a government poster, in part 1, chapter 1.
  9. And so to bed, Samuel Pepys - pronounced 'peeps' - from Samuel Pepys's Diary, one of the most signicant written works describing 17th century life in England, written 1660-69. 
  10. I love it when a plan comes together, Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith, played by George Peppard, from the 1980's US TV action series The A-Team.
  11. Evening All (or Evenin' All), PC George Dixon - the main character of Dixon of Dock Green, the 1950's-70's BBC TV police series.
  12. Show me all the money! Jerry Maguire - the 1996 film, shouted by Tom Cruise to footballer Rod Tidwell, played by Cuba Gooding Junior.
  13. You bet your sweet bippy, Rowan and Martin's Laugh-in - US comedy series from the 1960's-70's, in which numerous guests used the phrase and variations of it. Bippy incidentally is a euphemism for backside or buttocks.
  14. Be all that you can be, US Army recruitment slogan from the late 1970's to 2001. Maybe one day all political leaders will meet the same selfless standards that they expect of their soldiers. (No points for that comment because it's far too obvious)
  15. Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better, Emile Coue - pronounced 'coo-ay', (and properly spelled Émile Coué, with the accents acute) - Coué, a the French positive thinking advodate and teacher, popularized the expression as part of his widely adopted and frequently very successful auto-suggestion therapy and personal development methods during the 1920's. Coué's concepts became known as Couesm - technically Couéism - for which, at the quizmaster's discretion, a special bonus of several million points might arguably be deserved.
  16. You're going to like this - not a lot... (but you'll like it), Paul Daniels - British magician and TV show host, he popularized the expression notably on The Paul Daniels Magic Show which ran from 1979-94.
  17. The world is your lobster, Arthur Daley, played by George Cole, in the MinderITV series, first broadcast in 1979 and hugely popular during the 1980's.
  18. (Its) Naughty... but nice, Cream cakes TV advert by the National Dairy Councilwhich appeared on UK television in the 1980's.
  19. To infinity, and beyond... Buzz Lightyear, voice played by Tim Allen, in the 1995 film animation Toy Story.
  20. He can run, but he cant hide. (also adapted to You can run, but you can't hide/ They can run but they can't hide), Joe Louis - real name Joseph Louis Barrow, US heavy-weight boxer referring to his opponent Billy Conn before Conn's challenge for Louis's world title in 1946. Louis won.

Principle reference source: Oxford University Press - Dictionary of Catchphrases, 2002.

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