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The Four Ds of Time Management

The Four Ds is one of the simplest methods of categorising your work and therefore planning your workload. It can help you provide structure to your workflow and ensure that you are completing your most important tasks, and the ones you are most needed on. 

What are the Four Ds of Time Management?

The Four Ds stand for:

  • Do – your most important and urgent tasks; ones no-one else can do. 
  • Delay – important tasks, but not those that require immediate action. 
  • Drop – unimportant tasks that provide no value to you or your work. 
  • Delegate – tasks of mixed importance, but those that can be completed by competent team members. 

As with the other techniques, the key is to be clear about the most important tasks that will contribute the most to our output or effectiveness. 

You can create a grid to fill these in, like the below:

Four Ds Grid.

Try out our free template by clicking here and get started for yourself.