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Responsibilities and Expectations

Why are Team Contracts Important?

A team contract outlines the standards that are expected to be met by all team members. 

It is agreed to at a team meeting and signed by all members. The idea behind it is to encourage a collaborative and supportive environment amongst the team, as well as to clearly set out individual responsibilities.

Characteristics of Team Contracts

  • A team contract is most commonly used when a new team is formed, as it can help to bring the team together and set clear responsibilities for members who may be new to the department or organisation. 
However, a team contract can also be introduced to an existing team to try and improve performance levels. If certain team members appear to be putting in more effort than others, then a team contract may be introduced to encourage equal levels of commitment from all members. 

What do Team Contracts Include?

Amongst other things, a typical team contract will include:

  • Individual responsibilities
  • Meeting times
  • Overall objectives