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How to Build Trust in the Workplace

5 Tips on Building Trust in the Workplace

1) Get them to know and understand you...

People trust people that they know and understand. So, share your background and what makes you tick. Encourage team members to do the same. The Personal Histories exercise is great for this and for sharing vulnerabilities (a key component in building trust).

Encourage the team to get together to socialise and have fun together.

2) Follow through...

Not following through is an easy way to lose trust. When you say you are going to do something, do it. This might mean not saying yes to every request if you cannot follow through on all the requests that come your way. 

3) Communicate x10...

In the absence of clear communication, people will inherently take a view on something anyway and construct their own narrative which is often inaccurate. Keep open and honest communication, and communicate 10x more than you think you need to. Be transparent with people - they will appreciate you for it. 

4) Hold positive personal values...

As a leader, it is important to demonstrate positive personal values such as honesty, respect and integrity. Be loyal to your team and be fair. 

5) Be yourself...

Authenticity is a key leadership quality. It is hard to be authentic if you are trying to be someone else. Play to your strengths and develop your own personal style. 

Once you have the trust of your team, you will be able to deliver much more rapidly.

Recommended reading: The Speed of Trust by Stephen M. R. Covey.