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Alan Chapman, the founder of, is helping to develop new health education content to be published here as soon as possible.

While potentially this is a big project, essentially it's very simple, based on diet and lifestyle.

Meanwhile, you can access for free much of the content and evidence that will inform this new health training from the health and lifestyle educational resources at the social enterprise which Alan co-founded with Maria Hennings Hunt in 2021.  

Diet and lifestyle interventions (i.e., changes) enable positive improvements in health and longevity. The long listing below is not exhaustive; it merely indicates the scope and depth of the subject, and the inter-dependent connectiveness of what health actually is and depends on.

These aspects of health are causes and effects that are part of the diet and lifestyle mix. 

Each of us is different, although there are some very simple health principles that are basically universal, and which many people find surprising.

For example:

  1. Sugar (in all of its many forms and nowadays alternative chemical names) is for many people the 'gateway' drug to many other addictions.
  2. All humans are evolved and 'hard-wired' to be susceptible to addictions, to varying degrees, and probably much more than you currently believe.
  3. Addictions can commonly be ended much more easily than you might imagine.
  4. Trauma is growth, when we understand how to reframe it as such.
  5. Grief is not a disease or 'mental illness' - it is part of life and how we grow stronger and more resilient and compassionate, especially when we know-how. 
  6. Exercise is important for lifelong health and healing, but in moderation. The physical fitness maxim of 'no gain without pain' is unhealthy.
  7. Inflammation is both a cause and effect within our health. Inflammation is a looping effect from the brain to the body, from the body to the brain, etc.   

Here's a longer listing of factors in our health.

Any and all of these can undermine or strengthen our overall health, especially as each one of them is part of our self-image and psychological make-up.

    • Sleep
    • Metabolic health and insulin resistance
    • Microbiome (gut health)
    • Physical health
    • Mental and emotional health
    • Movement and exercise
    • Physical strength, fitness and stamina 
    • Cardiovascular system and circulatory system)
    • Positivity and optimism
    • Creativity
    • Nature
    • Sunshine
    • Addictions and trauma recovery
    • Grief and personal growth
    • Fears and passions
    • Social engagement
    • Work and productivity
    • Self-discovery and self-image
    • Genetic and ancestral differences
    • Age and life-stage
    • Parenting
    • Education and conditioning
    • Purpose and meaning
    • Whole life health
    • Human constructs (language, physics)
    • Ancient wisdom and storytelling
    • Quantum and energies

The list is not exhaustive. It contains some of the major factors of the health mix.

Again, while this new health training is being developed, you can access for free the content and evidence (and increasingly much more) from the health and lifestyle educational resources at the social enterprise which Alan co-founded with Maria in 2021.  

Thanks and love,

Alan Chapman