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Accents and diacritical marks

Non-standard characters signs that change the sound of letters and words

Many western languages contain words with letters whose sound is determined by these accents and diacritical marks. The effects are different depending on the language; here are the names and examples of the more common marks and non-standard characters. Usage of these accents and marks is not restricted to the letters shown in the examples.

  • é - accent acute
  • è - accent grave
  • ê - circumflex
  • ë - umlaut or diaerisis
  • ç - cedilla
  • ñ - tilde
  • ø - streg
  • ð - eth (capital form Ð)
  • å - bolle
  • æ - ligature
  • œ - ligature
  • ē - macron
  • č - háček
  • ŭ - crescent


Thanks, A Franks for macron code, háček, and crescent. Here also is a wonderful free resource for foreign language letters, diacritical marks and accents, for Word, Wordperfect, and HTML applications, with at-a-glance foreign character codes here, and HTML special character codes here, all provided by Irene Starr.


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