‘Who is your celebrity lookalike?’ ‘What does your pet say about your personality?’ Although fun on the surface, when you answer questions like this on social media, you’re giving away much more than you intend to. In fact, anytime you’re online, you’re giving out your data, willingly or not. Your location, shopping habits, bank details. So, how much do you value your privacy?

There are people who will exploit this data. And not just cybercriminals either. Legitimate companies, often the ones you’re buying from, collect and sell this data. Why? Well, the purchaser can use it to target you with ads for relevant products and services. That’s an incredibly useful asset to a business. Thankfully, there’s a set of regulations in place to help you keep your personal information to yourself. It’s called the UK GDPR, and this course is here to explain it to you in the most interesting way possible.


  • Demonstrate an understanding of UK GDPR and the Data Protection Act

  • Explain the relationship between UK GDPR and data protection legislation from other countries, including EU GDPR

  • Define the 7 core principles of UK GDPR

  • Demonstrate an understanding of what personal data is

  • Apply the 7 core principles of UK GDPR to common workplace situations


    Keeping your data safe is a huge deal in the modern world. You’ll understandably want to keep control of what’s yours. Organisations collecting data have a legal requirement, under the GDPR, to keep your data safe. If they don’t, the consequences are severe. Like, a 20-million-euros-fine severe. So, this course is useful for both individuals and businesses. Let us help you stay safe and on the right side of the law.

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