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Discrimination and Equality

Introduction to Workplace Diversity

Equality video


is a very significant aspect of employment in all respects - for employers and workers.

Diversity - a positive approach to equality in work - offers advantages and benefits for organisations, just like any other sort of diversity in life. Treating people fairly, regardless of age, gender, disability, ethnicity, race, etc., is vital to the principles of ethical business and ethical organisations.

Equality in work, and elsewhere, is in the UK subject to law - specifically the 2010 Equality Act, which extended and superceded several other pieces of previous legislation which applied to particular areas of potential discrimination, such as the Employment Equality Age Regulations of 2006.

These legal aspects are generally consistent with legislation across Europe, and increasingly other parts of the world, especially what has been historically regarded as the 'western world'. If you are an employer you need to be aware of, and act upon, the implications of equality regulations.

Understanding this is helpful for you as an individual too, to understand your rights and your personal responsibilities. Reacting properly to age discrimination legislation is easy for good organizations. Regulations do not challenge organizations which already treat their staff and customers fairly and ethically.

The UK/European principles of equality provide a helpful model for any organisation anywhere in the world.

As a worker, employee or manager, etc., you are also affected individually by equality/discrimination regulations, because these laws allow for individuals to be held responsible for certain types of discriminatory behaviour against others, and to be pursued for compensation, aside from the responsibility of the employer or organisation.