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quizballs 479 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. A skink is a: Bird; Lizard; Insect; or All-black skunk?
  2. Phloem, rays, and cork cambrian are features of a tree's: Leaves; Fruit; Trunk; or Roots?
  3. The gravitational effect of (What?) determines Earth's maritime high/low/neap tides: Sun; Moon; Mars; or Clouds?
  4. Our hepatic portal vein connects which two of: Legs; Intestines; Liver; Brain; or Eyes?
  5. The Lux is the SI Unit of intensity of: Air-pressure; Sterility; Illumination; or Softness?
  6. The New Model Army was led by: Oliver Cromwell; Adolf Hitler; Naomi Campbell; or Elvis Costello?
  7. Name the Cypriot mythological sculptor (and famous George Bernard Shaw play) who fell in love with a statue he carved?
  8. The global non-profit organization founded by lawyer Clive Stafford Smith that fights extreme human rights abuse and the death penalty is called: Release; Review; Relieve; or Reprieve?
  9. Krill is/are: Fish; Crustaceans; Seaweed; or Eggs?
  10. What word means complex administration and systemic governance, from French 'office'?
  11. Removing the husk/pod/calyx from a fruit is called: Hulling; Skulling; Pulling; or Bulling?
  12. Floccinauccinihilipilification means 'estimating something as (What?)': Very big; Very old; Worthless; or Indescernable gender?
  13. Bimalleolar and Triplane fractures are types of broken: Ankle; Crockery; Promise; or Heart?
  14. The disease diptheria affects the: Nose and throat; Stomach; Nervous system; or Skin?
  15. The traditional shouted warning that a cut tree is about to fall is: Lumber!; Under!; Timber!; or Four!
  16. Drapery, columns, straw, and flowstone are natural mineral features of: Volcanoes; Caves; Mountains; or Glaciers?
  17. What is a popular suffix for a scandal or cover-up, originating in 1974 USA?
  18. What famous toxic oily addictive liquid (C10H14N2) turns brown on exposure to air?
  19. Helmut Kohl and Erich Honecker led which divided nation(s) in the 1980s: Yugoslavia; Germany; Cyprus; or Russia?
  20. Where now is the ancient civilisation region of Lydia: Mediterranean Europe; Siberian Russia; Asian Turkey; or Central America?
  21. Snell's Law (after 1600s Dutch astronomer/mathematician Willebrord Snellius) concerns: Light; Gas; Electricity; or Personality?
  22. Battle of the Little Bighorn, known to Lakota/other Plains American Indians as the Battle of the Greasy Grass is commonly called 'Whose What'? (three word answer)
  23. A tonearm is found on a: Sitar; Archer; Record-player; or Yacht?
  24. The Greek goddess of love (meaning 'foam risen') who grew from the castrated genitals of Uranus thrown into the sea, is: Aphrodite; Eros; Venus; or Diana?
  25. Match the main ingredient each for: Taramasalata; Dolmades; Houmous - Vine leaves; Chick peas; Cod roe?


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