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quizballs 385 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes


  1. 'Semiotics' refers to: Weather systems; Evolution; Signs and symbols; or Cutting things in half?
  2. Spell the word meaning a plan/scheme: Strategem; Stratogem; Stratagem; or Stratigem?
  3. Named after the Yorkshire town where it was conceived in the 16th century, Penistone is a rough: Football game; Woollen cloth; Tea drink; or Guide to medieval marriage?
  4. In 2015 (What headwear?) was permitted on a USA driver's licence photo justified by (What religion?): Devil's horns/Satanism; Spock ears/Klingon; Darth Vader helmet/Jedi; or Colander/Pastafarian?
  5. A cezve is typically used for heating/processing: Acid rain; Turkish coffee; Surgical instruments; or Bubblegum?
  6. In chemistry what element is always present in an amalgam: Gold; Silver; Mercury; or Lead?
  7. The island name Barbados (in Portuguese - Spanish equivalent is los Barbados) refers to what physical characteristic of men, and likely of the original inhabitants?
  8. The sequence JFM - AMJ - JAS - (???) is completed by: MJS; JMF; OND; or ANT?
  9. Ghillie, Character, Tap, and Hi/High-top are types of: Newspaper layouts; Plumbing protocols; Footwear; or Computer animation programs?
  10. Zome, K'Nex, Erector Set, Lincoln Logs and Kre-O are/were major brands in which consumer product sector?
  11. Willy Loman is the lead character in Arthur Miller's famous 1949 play 'Death of a (What?)': Swan; Sea; King; or Salesman?
  12. The South American 'Feve Tonka' vanilla-like spice popularized in French cuisine is a: Tobacco derivative; Fish; Bean; or Llama gland?
  13. Author/entrepreneur Cynthia Payne (1933-2015) famously provided what personal service for men of status/authority in 1980s London: Tax avoidance; Stutter therapy/elocution; Hair transplants; or Brothel?
  14. Named after its town of origin, Marsala fortified wine originated on which island, the largest of its surrounding sea?
  15. What is a kick, a cut, a horse, and uninspiring journalist?
  16. The old Anglicized-French occupational word 'colporteur' was a distributor of: Cheese; Coal; Wine; or Bibles?
  17. The technique known as 'Beurre maniƩ' is used in: Figure-skating; Cooking; Ice-sculpting; or Picture framing?
  18. The general exception to the tendency for most circular/track human activities (eg athletics) to be anti-clockwise is: Speed-skating; Motor racing; Cycling; or Ballroom dancing?
  19. Where certain religions divide the notion of heaven into parts there are generally: Three; Five; Seven; or Twelve?
  20. The informal terms 'ding meal' or 'ding dinner' refer to a: Traditional bell-shaped pot; Delivery doorbell; Microwave oven; or Servant/parent summoned by a bell?


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