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quizballs 375 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes


  1. The chemical element cobalt is a: Metal; Gas; Liquid; or Plasma?
  2. Cardinal and ordinal, respectively denoting quantity and sequential position, refer to: Letters; Numbers; Icons; or Pasta?
  3. Which famous corporate logo changed to a flat colour/color sans serif font in its first major change since 1999?
  4. The Beaulieu Estate in Hampshire UK became in 1952 a famous museum for vintage: Motor cars; Trains; Pianos; or Fairground rides?
  5. Developed by Swedish company Mojang, Minecraft is a popular: Kitchen design concept; Video game; Microlight plane; or Cycle path network?
  6. What icon dominated the 2015 shortlisted designs for a potentially new national flag of New Zealand: Fern; Kiwi bird; Whale; or Sheep?
  7. What is the globally-economically significant NW Mexican city on the US border, and part of Trumpeter Herb Alpert's 1960s band name? - Bonus question - What metallic compound provides the other part of Herb Alpert's 1960s band's name?
  8. A maze of what plants was built to celebrate the opening of the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, 2015?
  9. Tahini paste, for example used in houmous, is made from which seeds: Mustard; Sesame; Poppy; or Coffee?
  10. The Speyside or (locally called Strathspey) area of NE Scotland is famous for its '(What?) Trial' and longstanding traditional production of: Haggis; Whisky; Tartan; or Bagpipes?
  11. Japan's NTT DoCoMo mobile phone company developed which texting icon 'pictograph' series, Japanese for 'picture' and 'character'?
  12. What element has a symbol which appears commonly in business names: Cobalt; Copper; Iodine; or Lead?
  13. The traditional sport of 'pugilism' is nowadays called: Judo; Boxing; Soccer; or Ten-pin bowling?
  14. In computer gaming what famous and controversial franschise does GTA represent?
  15. What two-word term refers in English/UK to a deliberately arranged dramatic/literary/musical section, and to a (typically rehearsed) re-start in a team ball game?
  16. The words 'vacillate/vacillation' refer to: Decisiveness; Indecision; Lubrication; or Impotence?
  17. A quarter divided by a half is a: Half; Whole; Quarter; or Third?
  18. The band/sheet of connective tissue under the skin in human anatomy, chiefly of collagen, which stabilizes/supports organs and muscles, is: Eaves; Soffit; Fascia; or Architrave?
  19. The arctic mountain 'ptarmigan' which changes to white in winter, is a: Bird; Panther; Seal; or Pine tree?
  20. "Spokoynoy nochi, malyshi!" ("Good Night, Little Ones") is a long-running (since 1964) famous children's TV program in: Russia; Canada; Star Trek; or Harry Potter?


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