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quizballs 374 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The Anglicized Japanese word futon basically refers to a: Seat; Mattress; Salad; or Fighting stick?
  2. Five ninths of three fifths is a: Quarter; Third; Half; or Whole?
  3. The 18C legal term 'Ragman Roll', a record of crimes, originated what modern word for a long complex procedure?
  4. What term was popularised by the eponymous 1979 film about a nuclear reactor meltdown hypothetically 'burning' from the US through Earth to other side?
  5. What clothing-part metaphorically classifies workers/jobs according to white or blue?
  6. The Virgin space tourism business is branded: Galactic; Trek; Odessey; or Titanic?
  7. What Anglicized German Italian term for 'circulation of money' became a brand for electronic financial transfer, and UK slang for a state benefits payment?
  8. What informal boxing term arose from Muhammad Ali's defeat of George Foreman in 1974, in which Ali covered up against the ropes, causing Foreman's exhaustion from sustained ineffectual punching?
  9. The momentous Ali v Foreman world championship fight in Kinshasa, Zaire 1974 was dubbed '(What?) in the (What?)': Plunder, Stumble, Rumble, Fumble, Jungle, Thunder?
  10. Name the two famous mutually combative British Liberal and Conservative prime ministers of the late 1800s: Wellington, Peel, Gladstone, Palmerston, Disraeli, Churchill?
  11. The Anglo-French court term meaning 'this action lies' gave rise to what word which means the essense of a communication/concept?
  12. Xinhau is China's official state: Anthem; Dance; News agency; or Soup?
  13. A trug is used to hold/carry things when: Cooking; Gardening; Painting and decorating; or Grooming poodles?
  14. 150 tonnes of (What?) are used by 20,000 people in a one hour event annually in Bunol, Spain?
  15. What historic UK county part-comprises East Ridings and West Ridings? Northumberland; Yokshire; Kent; or Cork?
  16. Monsanto is a globally dominant corporation in the sector of: Pharmaceuticals; Agriculture; Mining; or Taxidermy?
  17. The Australian wombat marsupial has what unusually adapted feature for burrow-digging: Metal claws; Teflon fur; Backwards-facing pouch; or Light-emitting ears?
  18. Spell the Saudia Arabian capital city: Riyadh; Ryad; Rhiyad; Ryahd? and it means The: Oil; Gold; Gardens; or Sand?
  19. The 'Dames Pipi' are traditional Parisien: Plumbers; Tobacconists; Dancers; or Public toilet attendants?
  20. Smits and Lugs are Viking-originating (still used) painted marks and ear notches for identifying UK: Sheep; Horses; Rabbits; or Chickens?


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