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quizballs 353 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Teriyaki is a Japanese: Martial art; Intelligence service; Cooking method; or Cartoon hero?
  2. In 2015 artist Oscar Santillan controversially removed and exhibited the top inch of: Buckingham Palace; Scafell Pike; The Eiffel Tower; or Donald Trump's hair?
  3. What dance/music/style name is thought derived from the Spanish word ('with the colour of flame') for the wading bird Phoenicopterus?
  4. A cairn, a traditional trail marker for walkers/explorers, of simple or grand design, is basically a: Shack; Pile of stones; Wooden cross; or Hanging lantern?
  5. Prince Charles' private letters to government ministers, made public by the UK Supreme Court in 2015, are known as the '(What?) memos', due to his handwriting style: Black spider; Blue tooth; Purple haze; or Green onions?
  6. Contralto refers to a singing voice/range equating to: Highest Male; Lowest Male; Highest Female; or Lowest Female?
  7. Name Warren Buffett's investment corporation, which he bought in 1964, ostensibly to sack its boss who had made him angry?
  8. The areca nut (often with betel leaf), a popular stimulant in Asia, is traditionally prepared for: Chewing; Smoking; Drinking; or Sniffing?
  9. 'Ol' Blue Eyes' is the nickname of: Lord Byron; Frank Sinatra; Al Capone; or Napoleon Bonaparte?
  10. The Italian word 'scuderia' typically referring to a motor racing team, eg Scuderia Ferrari, means: Stable; Able; Fable; or Label?
  11. The ball-shaped roots of a more popular salad vegetable, Bergers White Ball, Ibis, Kojak, and Snow White are what?
  12. Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Chad, Niger, Mali and Ethiopia are the largest nations in the world without a: Railway system; Coastline; Poisonous snake; or National currency?
  13. What is the correct order of this essential rule for aircraft pilots: Communicate, Aviate, Navigate?
  14. The eponymous cannabis brand launched in 2015 by a famous country music singer is: Willie's Reserve; Garth's Ganja; Dollydope; or Shaniah's Shtash?
  15. Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, who first appeared in Detective Comics No27 in May 1939?
  16. What is the area of an isosceles right-angled triangle whose short sides are 2 metres each?
  17. The modern lifestyle acronym MAMIL, which relates to the growth in fitness products and especially cycling, stands for what?
  18. Susy, a portmanteau abbreviation for a fundamental yet increasingly elusive particle physics theory is in full 'Super (What?)': System; Symmetry; Sympathy; or Syllabub?
  19. The Ryman Auditorium (also called the Union Gospel Tabernacle) is the home of what major music institution?
  20. The position of the Arctic Circle was/is determined by: Sea ice; Sun visibility; Temperature; or Unclaimed territory?


quizballs 353 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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