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quizballs 311 - free football quiz questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. A soccer goal is what dimensions, yards wide and feet high: 8x7; 7x8; 8x8 or 9x8?
  2. According to FIFA World Cup rules which flag must be displayed inside each match stadium besides those of FIFA/Fair Play, and the two competing nations?
  3. Approximately how many million people play regular organized football in the world (at the early 2000s): 5; 25; 65; or 250?
  4. The word soccer derives from: Sock; Association; Kosher; or Socrates?
  5. What is not required by the rules of soccer: Goal net; Penalty spot; Specified ball pressure; or Shin guards?
  6. The 2014 World Cup Finals allocated African and European teams respectively how many places: 3 and 9; 4 and 10; 5 and 13; or 6 and 15?
  7. What city/club football rules, which spread widely in the late 1800s, introduced heading, corners, throw-ins, changing ends, and the goal crossbar: Sheffield; Paris; Milan; or Berlin?
  8. FIFA's 2014 World Cup Finals/Qualifying rules dictate a match squad of how many players: 18; 23; 26; or 30?
  9. In the 2010 World Cup Final, Jo'bulani was the: Winner's national anthem; Winning goalscorer; Ball; or Trumpet-like horn blown by fans?
  10. The minimum rest-period between two games for any team at the 2014 World Cup is how many hours: 24; 36; 48; or 72?
  11. Soccer rules award what after an 'own goal' directly from a throw-in: Goal; Penalty; Corner; or Drop-ball?
  12. The headquarters of FIFA are in Brussels; London; Zurich, or Oslo?
  13. Who has made the World Cup footballs since 1970: Adidas; Puma; Umbro; or Nike?
  14. The World Cup Qualifiying matches between El Salvador v Honduras in 1969 coincided with what mutual event: Independence; Earthquake; Drought; or War?
  15. The first ever £100,000 (or above) football transfer, in 1961, was: Bobby Moore; Pele; Dennis Law; or Eusebio?
  16. A white ball was first used in a World Cup in: 1930; 1950; 1966; or 1982?
  17. The centre circle of a soccer pitch is used only at kick-offs/re-starts, and in which other game feature?
  18. Matthias Sammer, Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, Rivaldo, and Luis Figo won what between 1990-2002: European Cup; World Cup; Golden Boot; or European Footballer of the Year?
  19. The first, second and third placed teams at the 2014 World Cup receive how many medals: 20; 30; 40 or 50?
  20. Soccer has been an Olympic event since: 1900; 1964; 1992; or 2002?


quizballs 311 - free football quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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