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quizballs 270 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Coach, Hex cap, Lag, and Machine are types of what?
  2. A sous-chef is what sort of chef: Pastry; Trainee; Deputy; or Breakfast?
  3. In what modern country substantially were the Hittite people?
  4. A pipistrelle is a type of: Bat; Cat; Rat; or Gnat?
  5. What army rank (English/US/etc) equates to the naval Lieutenant Commander?
  6. Millefiore is a highly detailed and colourful decorative art of what material?
  7. What body-part and lubricant are a traditional metaphor for physical effort such as scrubbing and polishing?
  8. The site/name of which Napoleonic victory gave its name to a chicken/veal dish served with tomato, egg and crayfish?
  9. What word prefixes the following words to make five new words: Call, Kin, Nip, Suit, Walk?
  10. A season in which woodland trees produce extraordinarily big volumes of fruit/nuts/seeds is called a '(What?) Year': Most; Mist; Must; or Mast?
  11. What is the Japanese Abashiri brewery's beer, a portmanteau from its ingredients: Beat (meat); Begg (egg); Bilk (milk); or Bash (cannabis)?
  12. Campylobacter bacteria is commonly associated with: Tooth decay; Food poisoning; Tuberculosis; or Yoghurt?
  13. What 'First' was French (1792-1804), Austrian (1919-34), Portuguese (1910-26) and Roman c.508BC?
  14. What is the common name of the frottoir percusssion instrument (from Cajun French 'frotter', rub)?
  15. Named from Greek 'earth' what traditional anti-itching lotion is made from zinc oxide and tiny part of ferric oxide?
  16. Satellite is a computer notebook/tablet model brand of which corporation?
  17. Elisabeth Beresford devised what fancifully famous litter recycling franchise in 1968?
  18. In 2013 Birmingham UK opened Europe's biggest: Skating-rink; Zoo; Public library; or Doctor's surgery?
  19. Meccanica Verghera prefixes which famous motorcycle maker's name?
  20. The Cadbury Report of 1992 established the first major code for what regulatory aspect of business/economics?


quizballs 270 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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