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quizballs 269 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What term for a sweet tasty liquid derives from Greek 'drink of the gods'?
  2. In African music an mbira is a (what?) piano: Thumb; Foot; Tongue; or Oil-drum?
  3. How many of these are flatfish (Pleuronectiformes) - flounder, sole, turbot, plaice, halibut - Two; Three; Four; or All five?
  4. What letters traditionally occupy the 6 button on a standard 'western' telephone keypad (no cheating)?
  5. Name Google's music streaming service: Disc; Play; Rithm; or Play?
  6. The production of which popular foodstuff was banned by Germany in the 2nd World War because an ingredient was needed to make Zeppelins?
  7. Which two (UK and US) newspapers collaborated in publishing leaked documents by Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden?
  8. Which vast fashion house has the sub-brands: Exchange, Collezioni, Emporio and Casa?
  9. What was the approximate total global internet traffic volume per hour in 1997: 1gigabyte; 100gb; 1milliongb; or 100milliongb?
  10. ACH, BACS, and EFTPOS are international variations of systems handling the movement of what and how (two answers required)?
  11. 'Sexboxes' are a feature of what in certain European cities: Cinemas; Nightclubs; Condom disposal; or Legalized prostitution?
  12. The informal term nomophobia refers to anxiety from being without one's: Mother; Money; Mobile-phone; or Moped?
  13. Name the type of chemical compound which shrinks body tissues, whose properties are associated with the puckering mouth sensation from tannins and bitter berries?
  14. The chemical prefix glyco refers to what common desirable commodity?
  15. A Russian painting in a St Petersburg gallery was removed in 2013 due to controversially featuring: Stalin and Lenin in tutus; Putin and Medvedev in female underwear; Gorbechev and Yeltsin in wheelchairs; or Lenin and Trotsky in a bath?
  16. Curve is a model name of which smartphone brand?
  17. What offensive modern phenomenon - referenced by California US legislation to outlaw it in 2013 - refers to the unauthorised publication of private nude/sexual photographs of a person by his/her jilted lover?
  18. What public service ceased in India in July 2013, having declined from a peak of 45,000 service points in the 1980s?
  19. In the Bible, (Genesis 38:9), what did Onan spill on the ground, causing God to slay him for being evil, his: Wine; Biscuits; Papers; or Semen?
  20. At 2013 what compensation had UK banks paid/set aside for the misselling of PPI (Payment Protection Insurance): £18.4million; £184million; £1.84billion; or £18.4billion?


quizballs 269 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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