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quizballs 262 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The 'telectroscope' was a theoretical device of the late 1800s which predicted which actual invention?
  2. A plantar wart is more commonly known as a what?
  3. The 'Bechdel Test' is an informal measure of what in films and other fictional entertainment: Humour/Humor; Sex and violence; Product placement; or Gender bias?
  4. Spell the word Dilerious; Delirious; Delirius; Dellirious?
  5. What country was first to experience the Renaissance period in Europe?
  6. The Turkish-Arabic word 'kismet' means in English: The Devil; Death; Heaven; or Fate/Destiny?
  7. Name the bulbous narrow-necked container of 3-10 gallons, often wicker-covered, which puns French Lady Jane, with half a boy's name?
  8. What dangerous festive annual event was popularized by Ernest Hemingway's novel The Sun Also Rises?
  9. Generally the standard steps per minute for a military 'quick march' pace is: 60; 90; 120; or 180?
  10. Spell the word: Obsolescance; Obsolecence; Obsolescence; or Obsolesense?
  11. What weather metaphor is given to the TV/video equivalent of acoustic 'noise' in audio signals: Fog; Snow; Mist; or Drizzle?
  12. In physics a tachyon is a hypothetical particle which has what characteristic?
  13. A proliferation of new Catholic saints followed the removal of which metaphorical real job role from Vatican canonization in 1983?
  14. What is the popular old name for a dog's thumb; the obsolete inner toe on some dogs's legs; also a false hoof of deer?
  15. The UK political Labour Party's famously controversial 1995 constitutional 'Clause IV' amendment mainly removed a commitment to: Communism; The Free Market; Nationalization; or Trade-Unionization?
  16. Which nation developed and makes the Uzi sub-machine gun?
  17. The US Presidential official state guest house in Washington DC is called '(What?) House': Blair; Churchill; Washington; or Lincoln?
  18. The 180th meridian (antimeridian), dividing east and west hemispheres, passes through which island nation, named after main isle Viti Levu?
  19. The name Mercator is historically associated with: Cooking/baking; Globes/maps; Circus/acrobatics; or Ballooning?
  20. A thermochrome is a substance which changes (what?) according to a change in (what?) - (two answers required)?


quizballs 262 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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