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A Personal Message from Alan Chapman (Businesballs founder/owner)

My partner and soulmate Liane Ashberry died in April 2015. Shortly before Liane died we finished four years of writing and recording an album of original songs. The album is called Ploughed Heart, by Rude Angel (released 9th October) - we were a little amateur trio, now a duo. Our songs - especially Liane's beautiful lyrics and vocals - were mainly inspired by Liane's loss of her daughter Ella age 11 to bone cancer in 2009, together with Liane's extraordinary love, fun, spirituality and generosity in life. The songs are variously touching, uplifting, sad, etc., and some people seem to love them. After losing Ella, Liane raised over £60,000 for bone cancer research and children's cancer treatment facilities. She was the most selfless giving person I have ever known. Proceeds of our album will as far as possible go to Liane's charities, extended now to mental health and suicide reduction, because sadly Liane took her own life. The devastation is beyond words. If you can support us in any way I would be hugely grateful. See our band's website www.rudeangel.co.uk, and our facebook page. You can hear all the songs free at Soundcloud. There is a Youtube video of the single 'Rhythm of Sound' from the album. To promote the album, please sign up to our 'Thunderclap' which will announce the album on 24th October to all of your Facebook/Twitter contacts. Thank you so much. Love to you all, Alan Chapman xxx.

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