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Due to high demand and other priorities I can't always reply to emails quickly.

If your query is about permissions, please read the terms of use before you email me. Most questions are answered in the information provided.

For details about the use of materials see the about us page.

Publishing/reproduction requests: Please read the terms of use and publishing requests guidance before emailing such enquiries. Most questions are answered in the information provided. Generally the reproduction of Businessballs content on other websites is not permitted.

Spelling: Some UK-English spellings are different to US-English. For example words ending in ISE and OUR, as in organise/organize, and colour/color. Generally UK-English spelling is used on Businessballs, although US-English is used where appropriate for the material, and also for search purposes. There could of course be actual spelling errors on the website for which I always welcome corrections.

Email: ac@alanchapman.com - is the best way to reach me.

For very important matters please write to the postal address below because email is not reliable. Or phone: +44 (0) 116 235 5585

The address for postal correspondence is:

alan chapman
1 groby road
le7 7fn

Your support and interest are greatly appreciated, thank you.



use of materials on this website

See the about us page.


publishing requests and enquiries

Due to the increasing demand and time involved in dealing with requests to use Businessballs materials for commercial publishing I'm sorry that until further notice I am unable to consider such requests (unless the purpose is especially and genuinely worthy and educational, in which case please run it by me, and if I can help I will do so).

Other than for short extracts or quotes, the reproduction of Businessballs content on other websites not permitted.

Please read the terms of use and guidance before you email enquiries about publishing Businessballs extracts or materials. Many questions are answered in the information provided.


linking to businessballs

See the about us page.


privacy statement

See the about us page.


businessballs posters

Please help to spread the word about the Businessballs website.

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Here are the posters with the US-English spelling of 'organizational'.

Again click on the pic to open and download the pdf poster.

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businessballs poster us



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