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quizballs 337 - 2014 BIG YEAR QUIZ - general knowledge quiz questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What is the year 2014 in Roman numerals?
  2. Whose name was licensed in 2014 for cannabis products, anticipating a market of $10bn: Marley; Presley; Dylan; or Madonna?
  3. How many countries competed in the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games: 29; 37; 46; or 71?
  4. Name the actor who died in 2014, star of The Rockford Files and The Great Escape?
  5. The velocity of 67P, the first comet to be landed on by an earthly craft in Nov 2014, was approx (what?) km/hr: 135; 1,350; 13,500; or 135,000?
  6. What word differentiates the 1990 FIFA World Cup Final from the 2014 'repeat' in which Germany beat Argentina 1-0?
  7. In what city did a nurse become the first person outside Africa to be infected by Ebola in the 2014 outbreak?
  8. What was Miley Cyrus's award-winning record-breaking 2014 video/hit song, being the thing on which she controversially swung nude?
  9. Graffitied and repainted often since 1980, and obliterated in 2014 except from the ironic statement "Wall is over", the 'Freedom Wall' in Prague celebrates whose memory?
  10. Which historically contested region did Russia annexe from Ukraine in February 2014?
  11. On which planet did NASA's Curiosity rover complete its first year, equal to 687 Earth days, in June 2014?
  12. Which city in Russia hosted the XXII Olympic Winter Games?
  13. Name the Rolling Stones' saxophonist and session player who died in 2014?
  14. The mysteriously lost Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in March 2014 was bound from Kuala Lumpur to where?
  15. Charity executives Justin Forsyth and Jonathan Powell attracted 'crony' jibes when their organization gave a controversial 'global legacy award' to whom, their previous boss?
  16. Betty Joan Perske, who died in 2014, was better known as which famous film star, from the 1940s-2000s?
  17. In 2014 Belgium became the first country in the world to legalize what controversial treatment of terminally ill people?
  18. Which nation in 2014 saw the abdication of Juan Carlos and the ascension of Felipe VI?
  19. Name the three previous winners eliminated at the group stage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup?
  20. According to 2014 market capitalization, Google, Microsoft, Apple and (which oil corporation?) were globally the most valuable companies?
  21. Narendra Modi became prime minister of which country in May 2014?
  22. Wedding plans were announced in 2014 for a 26 year-old Illinois woman and which 80 year-old incarcerated mass murderer?
  23. Which nation suffered the MV Sewol ferry capsize disaster in April 2014, with criminal/suicidal consequences for its crew/owner?
  24. Which famous Portuguese single-named footballer and top scorer of the 1966 World Cup died in 2014?
  25. Which regional territory experienced the Umbrella Revolution in autumn 2014, being a protracted protest against electoral constraints?
  26. Which male artist won most awards at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards?
  27. In May 2014 the World Health Organization declared an international emergency due to major outbreaks of what nearly-eradicated disease?
  28. Which name is shared by the two popes made saints by the Vatican in April 2014?
  29. Which city, previously made famous in 2014, hosted the first Russian F1 Grand Prix for over 100 years?
  30. Buddhist politician and businessman Niwatthamrong Boonsongpaisan briefly, until a military coup in 2014, acted as prime minister of which nation, once known as Siam?
  31. The multi-award-winning actor Robin Williams, who died in 2014, was also particularly noted for: Mime; Conjuring; Improvisational stand-up; or Mockumentary?
  32. A 2014 cardiology study (Taborsky/ESC) found that wine reduces cardiovascular disease only in people who: Exercise; Smoke; Eat oily fish; or Pray/meditate?
  33. The heavily hyped end-November shopping day of mass brawling for bargains in UK stores in 2014 is called: Blue Monday; Purple Tuesday; White Wednesday; or Black Friday?
  34. India's Kailash Satyarthi and which inspirational Pakistani teenager jointly won the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize?
  35. Which country replaced President Viktor Yanukovych with Oleksandr Turchynov in Feb 2014 after lethal riots in Kiev?
  36. In 2014 who became the oldest person to be identified using DNA analysis?
  37. The long-running BBC Radio comedy show, censured in 2014 for sexual innuendo directed at imaginery scorer Samantha is "I'm sorry I haven't a (What?)": Minute; Sister; Brain; or Clue?
  38. Which film, panned by critics, starring Mark Wahlberg and Kelsey Grammer, was the highest grossing movie of 2014?
  39. Sony and Emirates Airlines withdrew their sponsorship in 2014 from which global organization after ongoing corruption scandals?
  40. Name the French lawyer and IMF chief, ranked the 5th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine in 2014?
  41. The Ambassador, whose production ceased in 2014 after 56 years, is an iconic car of which country?
  42. At 2014 the worlds three biggest corporations by revenue are Wal-Mart and which country's two major oil companies?
  43. Richard Kiel, US actor who died in 2014, was noted for playing: Cowboy villains; Dwarfs; Giants; or The banjo?
  44. According to Alexa/Wikipedia, name the top four websites of 2014 (all .com)?
  45. In October 2014 'Hudhud' was a catastrophic (what?) affecting parts of India and Nepal? Earthquake; Cyclone; Influenza; or Computer virus?
  46. What was the first day of the week in 2014?
  47. Which Baltic state replaced its Lats currency with Euros on 1st Jan 2014?
  48. Lord Richard Attenborough, who died in 2014, played which serial killer in his early acting career, in 10 Rillington Place?
  49. Who triumphed playing 2014 Glastonbury Festival's 'legends' Sunday teatime slot?
  50. According to 2014 Twitter statistics, how many million tweets are sent every day: 5; 50; 500; or 5,000?


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