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  1. In which year were TV licences introduced in the UK? 1946
  2. Which designer (brand) created the Kelly bag? Hermes
  3. Arctic King, Saladin and Tom Thumb are which types of vegetable? Lettuce
  4. By what name is the Gravelly Hill Interchange better known? Spaghetti Junction
  5. The Galápagos Islands are a provincial territory of which South American country, 600 miles away on the same equatorial latitude? Ecuador
  6. Which Gilbert and Sullivan operetta is sub-titled The Slave of Duty? The Pirates of Penzance
  7. Who succeeded Sir Clive Woodward as England's rugby union coach? Andy Robinson
  8. What is a baby oyster called? Spat
  9. What is Bill Clinton's middle name? Jefferson
  10. In which country are the Sutherland Falls? New Zealand
  11. In the US TV comedy show Everybody Loves Raymond, what is Raymond's brother's first name? Robert
  12. What is the largest flat fish species? Halibut
  13. Apart from a battle, what did Nelson lose at Tenerife in 1797? His arm (right arm)
  14. What's the oldest university in the USA? Harvard
  15. Who became Germany's first female chancellor? Angela Merkel
  16. Who wrote The Railway Children? Edith Nesbit
  17. Who played the Ringo Kid in the original Stagecoach film? John Wayne
  18. Which artist painted The Potato Eaters? Vincent Van Gogh
  19. In architecture, what is a lancet? A window
  20. Which singer's original name was Elaine Bookbinder? Elkie Brooks
  21. Turin lies on which river? Po
  22. Which country has the international car registration RA? Argentina
  23. A methuselah of wine holds the equivalent of how many bottles? Eight
  24. Launched in 1960, what was the name of the first US communications satellite? Echo 1
  25. Who invented jeans? Levi Strauss
  26. What does a cartophilist collect? Cigarette cards
  27. Which European city had the Roman name Lutetia? Paris
  28. What is the green pigment found in most plants that is responsible for absorbing light energy? Chlorophyll
  29. Yeomen Warders at the Tower of London are commonly known by what other name? Beefeaters
  30. Which actress appears with Jarvis Cocker in Pulp's video, Common People? Sadie Frost
  31. How many labours were performed by Hercules? Twelve
  32. Which late MP owned Saltwood Castle in Kent? Alan Clarke
  33. In which London pub did Ronnie Kray murder George Cornell? The Blind Beggar
  34. What date is Trafalgar Day? 21 October
  35. What is the birthstone for April? Diamond
  36. What does 'E' represent in E = MC2? Energy
  37. What note do orchestras typically tune up to? A
  38. Which English cathedral was destroyed by fire in 1666? St Pauls
  39. Who shot and killed Billy the Kid in 1881? Pat Garrett
  40. What was the first name of Dustin Hoffman's female character in Tootsie? Dorothy
  41. Which UK store was first to have an escalator installed? Harrods
  42. In which year (or decade) were luncheon vouchers introduced in the UK? 1955 (1950's)
  43. How did soul singer Otis Redding die in 1967? Plane crash
  44. Who invented the revolver (handgun)? Samuel Colt
  45. In which ocean is Ascension Island? Atlantic
  46. What is the USA state capital of California? Sacramento
  47. In which country was cricketer Ted Dexter born? Italy
  48. Who was the first English monarch to abdicate? Richard II
  49. At which railway station was the film Brief Encounter made? Carnforth (Lancashire)
  50. Who was the first British person to walk in space? Michael Foale


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