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quizballs 126 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for tri via quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. How many vertices does a cube have? Eight (vertices is the plural of vertex, whose meaning in geomoetry is the point at which lines meet to form an angle, i.e., a corner)
  2. Which Cuban dictator was overthrown by Fidel Castro in 1959? Batista (Fulgencio Batista y Zaldivar)
  3. What massive effect did these countries experience in the years stated: Thailand 1997; Russia 1998, Brazil 1999, Argentina 2001, and Iceland 2009? Economic collapse (interestingly, generally, recoveries were swifter and stronger recovery than expected)
  4. Which fruit is used in the flavouring of the cognac-based liqueur Grand Marnier? Orange
  5. Which fashion label has a suit called 'Sterling Bilious'? Ted Baker
  6. What colour is the cross on the national flag of Finland? Blue
  7. A statue of which British prime minister stands outside Huddersfield railway station? Harold Wilson
  8. After nearly 40 years of TV advertising, what Kimberly-Clark brand replaced a real animal with a CGI (computer generated imagery) in late 2010? Andrex (bonus points for the 'Andrex puppy' - and the breed - technically a labrador retriever, or more commonly just a labrador)
  9. The Itumbiara Dam, on the Paranaiba River, is in which South American country? Brazil
  10. What type of creature is a Meadow Brown? Butterfly
  11. In November 2010 billionaire Stanly Ho paid £210,000 for two large examples of what culinary delicacy? Truffle (white truffles, from Italy)
  12. Controversial singer Brian Hugh Warner is better known by which name (also his band name), a combination borrowed from two iconic real American people? Marilyn Manson (bonus points - the names were inspired by: Marylin Monroe, and more disturbingly, convicted killer Charles Manson)
  13. Medoc is a wine region in which country? France
  14. What geographical feature is shared by the nine nations of Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana? The Amazon Rainforest
  15. Marnie Geneva Doud was the wife of which US president, the country's 34th? Dwight D Eisenhower
  16. What is the name of the fabric used to cover billiard tables and card tables? Baize
  17. In electrics, what does AC/DC stand for? Alternating Current/Direct Current
  18. In June 1935, which well-known but discreet support organization was founded by William G Wilson and Dr Robert Smith in Akron, Ohio? Alcoholics Anonymous
  19. A hazzan, or chazzan, leads the congregation in songful prayer in which religion? Jewish
  20. In meteorology, okta is a unit or meaurement of what? (Bonus point: how many oktas in the full scale?) Cloud cover - 8 parts (hence the name, from Greek okto = eight; 0 oktas is clear sky and 8 oktas is fully overcast)
  21. Which artist's studio was known as The Factory? Andy Warhol
  22. Oster-monath was the Anglo Saxon name for which month of the year? April
  23. Who wrote the 1899 poem/song lyrics 'The Absented-Minded Beggar', set to music and used to raise money for British Boer War soldiers? Rudyard Kipling (promoted in newspapers, the song was probably the first charity effort in support of a war)
  24. The Bell Rock Lighthouse, said to be the oldest surviving offshore lighthouse in the world, lies off the coast of which European country? Scotland
  25. French farmer's wife, Marie Harel, reputedly invented which cheese in 1791? Camembert
  26. Who was the father of British King James ll? King Charles l
  27. If an insect is micropterous it has small or reduced what: Eyes; Legs; Wings; or Ears? (Of course virtually everything on an insect is quite small - 'small' here means small for an insect...) Wings (Greek pteron means wing, as in pterodactyl, incidentally dactyl is from Greek daktulos meaning finger, presumably because its long thin head resembled a finger)
  28. The Bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccine is used for immunisation against what? Tuberculosis (BCG vaccine)
  29. Which strait separates Wales form the island of Anglesey? Menai Strait
  30. According to the Bible, in which river did Pharaoh's daughter find the baby Moses in a basket? River Nile


Question 5 was corrected to Sterling (from Stirling) - thanks J Porcella - 10 Dec 2010.


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