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quizballs 113 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Pop star Wyclef Jean was a potential but unsuccessful 2010 presidential candidate in which country? Haiti
  2. Chennai, the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, was known by what name until 1968? Madras
  3. 2010 UK government figures showed that in 264,000 households no one had ever had what: A job; Measles; Sex; or Beetroot? A job
  4. What is the Secret Service code name for the helicopter pad at The Pentagon? Playground
  5. Eighteen year-old Eri Yoshida, known as the Knuckleball Princess, in 2010 became the first Japanese woman to play in the US professional (generally all-male) league of which sport: Baseball; Basketball; Volleyball; or Table Tennis? Baseball
  6. Which jockey won the 1981 UK Grand National on Aldaniti? Bob Champion
  7. Yitzhak Rabin was the prime minister of which country between 1974 and 1977? Israel
  8. Raines Law of 1896 related to the sale of what in New York State? Liquor (alcohol)
  9. What was the nickname of the Parliamentary supporters during the mid 17th century English Civil War? Roundheads
  10. Icicles, helter-skelter, slicing and chipping are technical terms used in what field: Lacrosse; Dressmaking; Stained-glass; or Hairdressing? Hairdressing
  11. What standard test characteristic has been produced in genetically modified laboratory animals so that researchers can see easily that genetic modification has occurred: Spots; Stripes; Pink eyes; Glow in the dark? Glow in the dark (amazing but true - for example, Missouri University produced glow-in-the-dark pigs from jellyfish genes, and Gyeongsang University in S Korea produced glow-in-the-dark cats using fluorescent protein)
  12. Which English novelist is best known for his Father Brown detective series? G K Chesterton
  13. On which part of the body would a tarboosh be worn? Head (it's a fez-like cap)
  14. What was the name of the Argentine Navy cruiser which was torpedoed and sunk during the 1982 Falklands War? General Belgrano
  15. In which year did Morocco gain its independence from France? 1956
  16. The English town name suffix 'wich' (as in Nantwich and Northwich) derives from the mining of what mineral? Salt (the word 'wich' meant salt-works, or a brine well or spring)
  17. Which Spanish artist's original name was Domenikos Theotokopolous? El Greco
  18. What colour are Marge Simpson's eyes (this was revealed in one episode)? Hazel
  19. What is the title of the fourth Dirty Harry film, starring Clint Eastwood? Sudden Impact
  20. Castor (or castoreum) is an oily substance secreted by which animal, and historically used in medicine and perfume? Beaver (Castor oil from the castor 'bean' plant has now largely replaced the beaver oil as a medical/perfume ingredient. Beavers were once called castors, derived from the Greek word kastor, beaver. The name of the plant is thought to have transferred from the name of the beaver oil.)
  21. Which US president greeted astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin when they got back from the moon? Richard Nixon
  22. Lake Balaton is in which European country? Hungary
  23. Bruxism is the medical term for the involuntary habitual grinding of what? Teeth
  24. When Marilyn Monroe sang 'Happy Birthday' to US president John Kennedy what age was he celebrating: Forty; Forty-two; Forty-five; or Forty-seven? Forty-five
  25. A broken laser pointer was said to be the first item to be sold where? EBay
  26. Sapphire is the birthstone relating to which month of the year? September
  27. UCAS, the organization which manages student applications for virtually all UK degree courses, is fully known as what? Universities and Colleges Admissions Service
  28. During which battle of 1876 did the Sioux Indians massacre George Custer's Seventh Cavalry Regiment? Battle of the Little Big Horn (also known as Custer's Last Stand, although technically this is not the name of the battle)
  29. The Folketing is the parliament of which European country? Denmark
  30. In 2010 British ex-soldier Ed Stafford became the first person (ever known) to walk the entire length of what river: Yangtze; Nile; Amazon; or Mississippi? Amazon (the river is about 4,000 miles long but due to floods Stafford walked about 6,000 miles, from 2008-10)
  31. The eldest son of Queen Victoria became which king? Edward VII
  32. What is a Smythson Daphne: Handbag; Vintage car; Cocktail; or Wrestling hold? Handbag (Smythson makes handbags; Daphne is a popular classic design)
  33. Which common material was invented by Marc Chavannes and Alfred Fielding in 1957 initially as textured wallpaper? Bubble-wrap
  34. Who was the first British woman to win two Gold Medals at the same Olympic Games? Kelly Holmes (Athens 2004)
  35. Welsh singer Michael Barratt is better known by which name? Shakin' Stevens
  36. What is half a sphere called? Hemisphere
  37. Which British comedienne's autobiography is entitled 'Look Back In Hunger'? Jo Brand
  38. What is the term for the former official government policy of racial segregation in South Africa? Apartheid
  39. In ancient Greek legend, soldier Pheidippedes collapsed and died after running over twenty-five miles to Athens to give news of which battle? Marathon (hence the name of the race event)
  40. Named by writer Jerry B Harvey after a west Texas city and metropolitan area, a group decision that no individual in the group wants is described as the 'what?' Paradox? Abilene Paradox (see the Abilene Paradox and more fascinating terms and definitions in the Businessballs dictionary of business, management, and other strange terms)


Thanks to C White for help in clarifying the castor oil detail in question 20.

Question 16 spelling typo 'Natwich' was corrected to Nantwich - thanks J Porcella - 28 Nov 2010.


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