Your brain is pretty brilliant. Consciously, it can process 40 pieces of information per second. But if that isn’t impressive enough, how about this. Running in the background, i.e subconsciously, it can process 11 MILLION bits of information. Wow. Unfortunately, that does come with a downside. It takes shortcuts. Well, you, would, wouldn’t you? Thanks to a combination of your culture, upbringing & environment, we all have unconscious biases- our brain makes decisions for us, without us even realising. That might be hiring someone of your gender, giving a project to a friend rather than someone who is better suited to it or something else. It’s not your fault. We tend to favour others that share our values or are similar to us. But we do need to learn how to keep it in check, so that’s what this course will help us with. 


  • How to overcome unconscious bias 
  • Where do unconscious biases come from 
  • The effects of unconscious bias in the workplace


All of us should take this stuff seriously in the interest of fairness for all. This is an essential skill to learn because the consequences of ignoring your bias may have a detrimental effect on somebody’s life, not to mention your team and the wider business. How would you feel if you were passed up for promotion because you were too tall? Or you didn’t get the job because you’re living in an area that is perceived as undesirable? It’s simply not right. Without knowing it consciously, you could be doing that to someone else. Take this course and in a few minutes, you’ll have a better understanding about how to make the world and your organization a fairer place

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