Webinar: Managing People (C13-C17) – Middle Managers – July 2024

Learn how to manage teams and people for organisational success. 

In this three-hour virtual webinar, you will be immersed in all of the key management concepts you need to improve outcomes for yourself in both your professional and personal lives. You will learn about the different types of teams, how to manage multiple teams at once, performance manage them, delegate tasks, and recruit appropriately for succession planning.

Where will the workshop be held?

The session is hosted virtually on Microsoft Teams – you will receive an invite closer to the session. Please ensure you have the appropriate technology installed for a smoother experience. 

When will it take place? 

30-Jul-24– 13:00 to 16:00 (alternative session at 9:00 can also be booked via direct request)

Who is this for?

This session is primarily for middle, operational and departmental managers who are looking to optimise their management skills inside and outside the workplace. 

We will also be holding an alternative session at 9:00 for aspiring leaders or individuals without management experience – contact us for more information. 

Who will lead the session?

The trainer for the session will be Mark Ellis, one of our in-house Senior Leadership Coaches, with decades of experience transforming the potential of leaders across all sectors. The session will be engaging and interactive, with all attendees invited to share their experiences with leadership, their skills, understanding, and their best practices. 

Who will be attending the session?

You will be joining a cohort of individuals from across a variety of backgrounds and different experiences. The group will be primarily made up of Level 5 Management Apprenticeship learners, in addition to individuals enrolled on various other CMI Leadership programmes that we run in partnership with our friends at Accipio. 

What will I get?

The content of the session is aligned with the Management Apprenticeship standard at Level 5 and the equivalent qualifications from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), should you wish to pursue either of these qualifications as a way to demonstrate your leadership skills and knowledge of management techniques, as makes up the content of this site. Please contact us for further information on these qualifications.

Premium subscribers can receive a 10% discount. You can see your discount code on the Dashboard, or contact us for information.

By registering for this webinar, you agree to comply with our and Accipio's code of conduct. You agree to not share any confidential information as discussed on the session nor behave in an inappropriate manner. We reserve the right to refund your booking if we feel you are ineligible, and to remove you from the session if you are deemed to have broken the terms and conditions of your purchase (refund may be withheld).

Price: £129.00
Total: £129.00