Food Safety Collection

Upgrade food safety knowledge and skills, fast

Explore key courses, covering allergy awareness to the control of cross-contamination. Dive into useful content on food safety, designed to ensure everyone is safe when handling foodstuffs at home or in the workplace. The courses are particularly useful for those who work in the food industry, but would still be interesting for anyone outside it, whether you are looking to upgrade or refresh your knowledge and that of your team. 

It doesn't matter if you are an organisation or an individual looking to learn for yourself: these courses will help raise awareness of common food allergies and how to react in case of an allergic reaction, understand the dangers of cross-contamination, and illustrate best practices in food handling and preparation.

Personalised certification

All of the courses in this collection are fully certified by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), and all by the CPD Certification Service – confirmation that the learning here is accurate, useful and engaging: exactly what you need from your training. 

For each completed course, a certificate is generated, stamped with a name and the mark of IOSH and the CPD Certification Service, if you need official and compliant confirmation of training. 

Bite-sized learning, on the move

The courses each take just 5-15 minutes, enabling rapid upskilling and improving learner retention for organisations. Learning can be undertaken anywhere and on any device. 

The courses use captivating storytelling, animation, and interactivity, proven to improve the retention of information and the ability to convert it into practical change.

Our current courses

Our collections are constantly being expanded and updated. Any new courses added within your period of access will automatically be added to your existing package. The course list is currently:

Purchasing your training

This collection is suitable for both individuals and organisations. Your purchase will provide access for a period of three months. You can complete the courses as many times as you require during this period, at the end of which, your access to the courses will automatically end. 

You can purchase a number of licenses which can be applied to BB accounts belonging to your members of staff. Discounts are available for multi-purchases and are applied on a graduated basis(see the pricing section of this page for further information). 

Please do get in touch if you have any questions regarding individual or organisational purchases.

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