This section will examine the various approaches to planning personal development, and which approach is right for your current scenario or personality.

Key Stages in Personal Development Planning

There are a number of stages involved in planning and developing an effective personal development plan (PDP).

Personal Development Methods

There are numerous different ways to approach personal development, and it is important you choose the right method or blend of methods for your own personal circumstances.

Components of a Personal Development Plan

In order to develop a personal development plan (PDP), one must be aware of all of the aspects and variables that should be considered.

This section will examine the various techniques described for managing your time in order to maximise productivity and retain control over workloads.

Time Management and Prioritisation

Under heavy workloads, it is crucial that tasks are planned in a practical manner, and in accordance with the amount of time available for each. 

Planning Workload

Planning is an important tool for leaders and managers to stay on top of projects and workload, and to maximise personal effectiveness.

This section will focus on the topic of stress management and wellbeing within the workplace, and how to retain control over your work and personal lives.

Stress Management

Leaders and managers are subject to a huge amount of stress within the workplace. It is crucial that they understand how to manage this so that it does not affect their role, home life, mental health or wellbeing.

This section will discuss the topics of assertiveness and confidence - how to improve them and apply yourself to work and leading others.

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Assertiveness Techniques and Self-Confidence

How to help build, boost, and develop self-confidence and assertiveness.