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Quiz Pointers and Tips For Quizmasters [edit]

Use the quizzes and questions and answers to suit your purposes, either as stand-alone quizzes, or to cut and paste to make your own quizzes. 

1. You can use these quizzes for free provided you show the copyright and website source, and that you do not publish them or reproduce them online. 

2. When using quizzes in a social or work group situation, think about your audience and select questions/quizzes that are accessible and interesting to all. 

3. If you select hard questions, reassure your audience that the questions are quite challenging, so that people know what to expect. 

4. Consider the balance between difficult and easy questions - quizzes are no fun if all the questions are too hard for people. Conversely, people enjoy a challenge and will happily tackle a few difficult questions if mixed with some easier ones. 

5. Using a multiple-choice quiz format is a good way to make very difficult questions more accessible and entertaining. 

6. Use quizzes to get people working together in pairs or bigger teams, Quizzes help create introductions, and get people together and keep people together, especially at gatherings where different factions may break into groups which do not get to know each other. Quizzes provide a wonderful way to involve everyone in one activity, with lots of discussion, which usually happens when people take part in quizzes in teams.

7. When running your own quiz it is important to maintain your authority, establish the rule that 'the quizmaster is always right' at the outset. 

8. Businessballs accepts no liability for any arguments, lost bets, or otherwise unfortunate consequences arising from any errors contained in these quizzes although quite a lot of effort is made to ensure that questions are clear and answers are correct. 

9. Please notify us of any errors, or questions or answers requiring clarification and we will add correct and add to our quiz amendments log. 

10. These quizzes are free to use in pub quizzes, trivia quizzes, organisational events and team-building, but are not to be sold or published, which includes not posting them on other websites, thank you. 

11. If using quizzes in organisations for team-building or team activities see the team-building tips. 

Quizzes and trivia questions are fun and helpful for learning, and quizzes are also now scientifically proven to be good for your brain and your mental fitness. We will be categorising our quiz index into popular quiz topics over the coming weeks. please bear with us as we work hard to make your quiz experience the best.

Live and learn. Learn and live long.